15 Evidence that the ‘cherry wine’ tone is the most sensual trend of 2020

Cherry wine

The blond, hazelnut tones and the balayage effect were the favorites of 2019 for a dreamy mane, but that is about to change, as the reddish tones return strongly.

Reddish tints are good for any skin tone and provide a touch of sensuality. Its new cherry wine hue perfectly meets these requirements, in addition to adding an elegant and chic touch. Check out the ideas, you are sure to go for a change of look in 3 … 2 … 1 …

As glamorous as a celebrity

In balayage to brighten the face

Sensuality in each selfie

Brightness, color and elegance

A passion bomb!

A purple and magical touch

Faded for chic effect

Flashes of color

It goes perfect in any length

You will not regret

Dare to mix two reddish hues

You will be the center of attention

More vibrant than the moon

Your crush will be flecked

A pinch of chocolate


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