Cherry Bombre: the trend of hair

Cherry Bombre

Many prefer to embellish their hair by playing with shades instead of classic shades. Discover the charm of Cherry Bombre and its shades

Cherry Bombre is the trendiest hair color of the 2019 season. It is characterized by its dark but brilliant shades, enriched with cherry-colored reflections. It is the version for dark hair of shatush and brode, ideal for those with hair ranging from dark brown to black. Getting perfect Cherry Bombre hair, however, requires the help of an experienced hairdresser. Read on and you’ll find out how to get your hair up to date.

What is Cherry Bombre and what it comes from

The Cherry Bombre is characterized by the alternation of a very bright red color and shading. His name originates from the mix between Cherry Bomb and Shadows. Unlike the shatush and the degradé, with this technique only the tips are lightened and not the entire length of the hair, which presents intense cherry at the root, to then pass to bright tones and finish with lighter tones towards the tips. Using this color you will be able to give your hair a brilliant look and a dreamlike volume: it is no coincidence that together with the ombrè effect it entered the hair trends of summer 2019.

Cherry Bombre is good for you

Cherry Bombre on hair is good for all women, regardless of skin and eye color. Certainly, to better hide the regrowth, a color of this color is recommended for women who already have dark hair, from intense chestnut to black. It does not even require special touches, except to hide white hair. If you have short hair the color will not be able to highlight all its potential, the shaded Cherry is in fact more suitable for women with long hair.

All is well

If you are no longer young and think that this color is not suitable for a person your age, you should know that you are wrong. Perfect for dark or light complexions, the Cherry Bombre tint makes it possible to modulate its nuances. If the very young can dare and choose bright colors, you could instead opt for a slightly darker but still effect version or decide to apply the coloring only up to half the length of the hair, as with the shatush.

How to make the Cherry Bombre

The perfect Cherry Bombre is the one made by hairdressers, in fact it is a bit difficult to do it alone. Like all treatments, it is a good idea to complete the procedure with a repairing mask to limit split ends. To make it, first choose two shades of red, one lighter and one darker. Then:

  • The hair is divided into strands, which in turn are divided into upper and lower
  • Wrap the hair in aluminum foil and begin to spread the darker color, starting from the distance of 4-5 cm from the root. The strokes should not be precise
  • Now the same procedure is done on the top of the hair, but using the bright red shade
  • To create a faceted effect it is possible to bleach small locks. However, this process must be done before starting to apply the dye.


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