Causes and cures of thinning hair

Causes and cures of thinning hair

The thinning of the hair is a problem that can affect anyone, both men and women, for the most varied causes. Here are the most effective treatments to combat it

You do not always have to be alarmed when you see your hair fall out. A fall of about 100 hairs per day is physiological, just as it is normal to lose more hair during the season change. If hair loss is not limited to these two cases, then it is advisable to contact a dermatologist or an expert in trichology, because there could actually be a more or less serious problem to be remedied with a restorative hair loss treatment.

What are the causes of thinning hair?

Before starting to talk about hair loss remedies, it would be appropriate to determine what are the causes that lead to their thinning.

Hair thinning affects both men and women; it is more frequent as we age, but it can happen that it also affects younger people.

Here are the main causes:

Hereditary factor

One of the most common causes for thinning and hair loss depends on a hereditary factor, determined by the anomalous functioning of a particular enzyme: if there are one or more people in the family subject to thinning hair, it is probable that the cause is to be looked for in the hereditary factor.

Excessive production of sebum

Another cause of thinning hair is the excessive production of sebum (which in some cases may cause oily dandruff) which, by blocking the follicles, causes hair loss.

This abnormal production of sebum can be caused by hormonal imbalances brought on by pregnancy, or by menopause.

Stress and nervousness

Hair loss can also be caused by psychological or physical factors, such as excessive stress and nervousness to treat with Bach Flowers and psychological help from an expert.

A period of particular physical or emotional fatigue, in fact, can negatively affect the production of hair. Returning to an optimal physical and psychological situation, the problem should be solved.

Food imbalances

Even poor diet can lead to excessive hair loss, especially if there is an important protein deficiency in the diet, which helps to stimulate hair growth.

Beauty treatments

This is a factor that can have a greater influence on women’s hair, which sometimes dye their hair too much, do not moisturize them with special oils like tea tree oil, or stress them using plates and other tools for mass. in the fold.

Abnormal functioning of the thyroid

The thinning of the hair can be a spy, or the consequence, of the anomalous functioning of the thyroid (hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism).

Hair thinning: how to fix it?

The thinning of hair, when it is massive, negatively affects the quality of life of people, especially from a psychological point of view. For women in particular, thinning hair can be a source of great discomfort. If you notice that you are subject to abnormal hair loss, the first thing to do is contact a dermatologist or a trichology expert.

After examining the scalp and the state of health of the hair, the professional will be able to decide which is the best treatment to stop the thinning of the hair.

Remedies to stop thinning hair

There are some remedies that can be put in place to improve the health of your hair:

  • resume proper nutrition is the first step to stop hair loss;
  • maintain a good hygiene of the scalp, without stressing it with too frequent washings and avoiding the irritation that causes itching to the scalp;
  • avoid using a jet of hot air when you dry your hair with the hair dryer, because the heat stimulates the production of sebum;
  • use a specific shampoo, enriched with zinc and vitamins, which is not very aggressive;
  • avoid DIY colors;
  • in case they become necessary, the professional to whom they are addressed can also prescribe massages and specific trichological interventions such as keratin treatment.

If you are having problems with thinning hair, contact a professional and talk to your local hairdresser, so that he can help you to limit his effects with a good cut.


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