How to Style Short Hair

How to Style Short Hair?

The short cut is cute and very fashionable. If you have just returned from the hairdresser with your first short cut, you...

Biotin: everything about the hair wellness supplement

Biotin is a vitamin found in many multivitamin supplements taken to give immediate health to your hair: here are all the details.
Right Hairbrush

How to choose the right hairbrush

Electric, rotating, flat, smoothing: the world of hair brushes is dotted with patterns, but how to choose the right one? Find out...
Hair Mascara

Use hair mascara: it’s easy to use and it works!

The hair mascara is the product to have in the beauty case for those who love to have hair always at the...
Bright blond hair

Bright blond hair the five basic rules

Care, color, nutrition and much more: here are the beauty tips and some small tricks to help you keep your blonde hair...
Beautiful Curly Hair

14 simple tricks to show off a beautiful curly hair

Each hair has its pros and cons when it comes to combing and caring for it, but Chinese hair is the one...
Man hair care

Man hair care: everything you need to know

Whether it's a practical short cut or a trendy long hair, the hairstyle is always the star of a well-groomed look. But...
Brushing Tips

10 Brushing tips that will help you have a healthy and resplendent mane

All women dream of silky hair, shiny, strong and long, but there are habits that can harm the health of our hair...
How to strengthen hair

How to strengthen hair in winter

Taking care of your hair is essential for healthy and shiny hair. Here's what to do to have perfect hair even in...
Curly hair treatment

Do you dream of curly hair? Here are the right treatments

Do your curly hair always make that annoying frizzy effect? Ask a professional and follow a few simple rules that will help...
Curly Hair Care

Curly hair care: shine and vitality

Those with a head full of curls often want straight hair that is easier to tame. But it is not necessary! The...
White Hair

White Hair: How to Cover Them with Tips and Natural Remedies

How to cover white hair without using the classic color or the hairdresser's intervention? It is possible to resort to some natural...

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