‘Candy cane’ is the sweetest and brightest color of the season

‘Candy cane’ is the sweetest and brightest color of the season

We are close to celebrating two of the most important nights of the year: Christmas and New Year, so it is fair that you have a radical change of look so that you impress your family, friends and even the boy you like.

This is the season of candy canes, that’s why some beauty experts took them as inspiration and created the candy cane tone that will give your hair a sweet and bright pink color with white touches. Here we leave you some ideas so that you dare to dye it in this way and see yourself as the most striking of the December era.

The sweetest tone of the season

With small sparkles

The pink color mixed with the platinum is bright

Contrast the tone with pastel touches

Hold it in a half ponytail so that the red looks more intense

The tone is better for the paler skin

Ask for a mix of gray, violet and red colors

Also add green tones at the end

A surprise under the mane

This color will make you fall in love!

The platinum is down

Simply perfect

Bright and very cute

Try a gradient from red to pink

With ironed hair it also looks spectacular

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