Bright blond hair the five basic rules

Bright blond hair

Care, color, nutrition and much more: here are the beauty tips and some small tricks to help you keep your blonde hair soft and shiny: five beauty tips for blondes suitable for any occasion and easy to make.

Natural blondes often have very fine hair, while an artificially lightened crown may appear dull and inconsistent due to the treatment of discoloration. Yet you do not need to panic when the theme is blond hair care. All you need to do is follow a few simple tips that will keep your silky and luminous hair. Discover the five beauty tips that every blonde should know.

The right product for blond hair care

To have bright blond hair, choose products that do not weigh them down. It uses treatments rich in moisturizing active ingredients, as these avoid the formation of that annoying opaque patina that covers the crown of those who do not protect their hair from external factors. Care products specifically designed for blonde hair also contain active ingredients that absorb magnesium and calcium contaminating particles from the water, thereby increasing the natural brightness of the hair. In addition, the addition of gold and silver pigments intensifies the blond, creating a play of reflections between hair color and natural light.

Hair care blond: in summer, blonde hair requires specific care and protection as they are more sensitive to sunlight and can easily get damaged, especially when exposed to hot sun for prolonged periods. Yes, that’s how it is: even your hair can be the victim of a sunstroke. In fact, black or brown hair enjoys the protection of dark pigments naturally present in the hair fibers, while the blond must be protected with special precautions to maintain its shine. What are the essential products for blondes? First of all, hair oils hair oils – like Supreme Oil Elixir 6 Miracles by Gliss, followed by spray with UV protection.

Did you know that? There are shampoos that can lighten a hair color tone. The result is so soft and natural that there is no reason to worry about selecting the wrong shade and finding yourself suddenly with a platinum blonde tint.

Care of blonde hair: lighten them with natural treatments

If you do not have lightening shampoos available, take a look at your pantry: lemon, chamomile and honey can work wonders and make your blonde hair bright naturally. Here is an overview of how to effectively use home remedies:

Rinse with chamomile

What you need: 5 tablespoons of chamomile flowers (or three chamomile bags) and 400 ml of cold water.

How to prepare: put the chamomile flowers in a pot with cold water and let the infusion rest overnight. Then bring the mixture to a boil and let it cool. Just before using it, add another 600 ml of cold water and, after washing, rinse your hair with the decoction.

Important: do not wash the chamomile rinse, but let it act on the hair.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains ascorbic acid (commonly known as vitamin C), with high lightening properties.

What you need: shampoo for blonde hair, lemon juice, some water and transparent film.

How to prepare: put the shampoo in a glass and add lemon juice and a small amount of water, in proportion of two to one. Distribute the mixture on the hair and wrap the head with transparent film. Allow the lemon, water and shampoo mixture to act for about an hour and then rinse thoroughly.

Tip: since this treatment slightly dry hair, after each application uses a moisturizing product for hair care.


Dark honey varieties, especially chestnut and fir honey, contain enzymes that release hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that has a decolourant effect on the hair.

What you need: transparent film, honey and lukewarm water (optimal mixing ratio: four parts of warm water and a part of honey).

How to prepare: mix honey with water, then let the mixture rest for an hour. Distribute the mixture on the hair, wrap it with the transparent film and cover with a warm towel to intensify the final effect. After an hour, rinse everything thoroughly with lukewarm water. Again, after this treatment applies a nourishing hair care product.

Flashback: the blond shade of childhood is the best

If you find it difficult to choose from the many different shades of blond, take a look at some of your old childhood photos. The color of the hair was probably very different once, but here’s the secret: this is exactly your color!

Secret weapon against regrowth: dry shampoo for a luminous blond

Unpleasant fact: the blond hair looks quickly fats because they tend to darken quickly at the roots. However, washing your hair every day does not solve the problem. On the contrary: the crown is subjected to excessive stress and becomes dry. The Dry Shampoo of Palette can be the optimal solution: stir, spray the product on the roots about 20 cm away and leave for a few minutes. Then gently massage with a towel (or fingers), brush thoroughly and enjoy your bright blond.

Color pro: find the right shade of blond

Hot or cold blonde? Once you find the optimal tonality, you will be rewarded by bright hair, and by a healthy self-confidence. The right shade of blond can liven up your complexion and even dim the dark circles. But how do you find the right color? With a simple trick: take a look at the inside of the wrist. The veins will give you a clue: if they are bluish, a cold blond is the one that will be better for you; if your veins are greenish, it will give you a warm shade instead.

Care, color, nutrition and much more: we have unveiled five beauty tips for a blonde hair care suitable for any situation, easy to apply and repeat regularly over time.

Four extra tips for hair care blond

Tip 1:

Do not go out without UV protection in the summer months! Light hair contains less melanin than dark hair, allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate more easily. In fact, the more the hair is clear and the more they need to be treated.

Tip 2:

Do your platinum blonde hair have a yellow tinge? The remedy is found in shampoos for gray or white hair that neutralize unwanted yellow tones with magenta dyes. Two other natural allies against the yellow tinge are chamomile and lavender, both very popular among the ingredients for hair care blondes.

Tip 3:

Have you noticed a green tinge in your blonde hair? Copper in tap water may be responsible for it. The best remedy is acid rinsing consisting of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice poured into a glass of water or, alternatively, an aspirin diluted in a glass of water.

Tip 4:

The oxygenated hair absolutely needs weekly care. Unlike the balm, these cures provide active ingredients that penetrate the hair. Each discoloration causes damage to the skin. Regular application of appropriate care will alleviate the damage and make the blonde hair brighter.


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