30+ Bridal Hairstyles with Curly Hair 2019

Bridal hairstyles with curly hair 2019

The curls come back with fury and you can see many celebrities using this type of hairstyles. And being a way to wear a sexy mane, surely you need ideas to look fabulous, so today we bring you fantastic suggestions of hairstyles for girlfriend with curly hair. It does not matter if your hair is not quite long, you know that the curls can be used well, whether you have naturally curly hair and otherwise, you can also make it curl.

Hairstyles with loose curly hair

A medium hair with ultra-defined curls is what you can choose. And for those who opt for them, a beautiful mane like the images below. Impossible to resist these fabulous looks with a mane with a lot of volume that looks fantastic.

Combining straight with curly is one of the great proposals, in the image above, a straight and sexy bangs on the look for an elegant bridal hairstyle, which looks at the maximum of naturalness.

If you have long hair, a cascade of curls like the mane worn by the model in the upper image, which shows off its natural curls with all its volume, can be a really impressive option.

One of these possibilities is to use a hair accessory, which stand out for its elegance and formality. Loose hair can be complemented with different brooches, headbands or flowers.

Semi-collected with curly hair

Another hair with curls that will come well to brides who have slightly short hair and defined curls. The mane can be worn with a carefree effect, with side braids and decorative brooches.

The semi-collected hairstyles are perfect for all face types. It is a hairstyle that is responsible for emphasizing the best features of our face, minimizing those negative and adding a lot of brightness. In addition, it emphasizes feminine characteristics, embellishing our neck and shoulders.

The semi-collected are one of the most chosen hairstyles for brides for their wedding, as they are very flattering and elegant, thanks to the power they have to stylize neck and neckline, allowing more to appreciate the details in the dress.

You can mix braids of different textures and thicknesses, ballerinas bows, high or low pigtails, are some of the most popular possibilities in the field of weddings.

The same semi-collected of the previous photo, but with line in the middle. The two options look very nice.

Collected with curly hair

You can also choose a hairstyle with curls collected, you know that the collected are a great choice for weddings. You can bet on curls that escape from the hairstyle to give you a fresh and natural image.

When we talk about hairstyles for parties, weddings and special events, one of the best options are the ones collected. They are a classic and one of the styles that are never out of fashion. The hairstyle of all time. It is also the most elegant and sophisticated option.

You can choose a traditional, very minimalist French bun, where the hair curls inward from the back and is held at medium height, strategically picking out some strands.

The hair can be collected in the lower part of the neck, and form an oval shaped bun.

An improvised classic: high chignon with volume at the crown.

You can also collect the hair by side braids. All these hairstyles try to show the texture of curly hair, not to hide it.

Short and curly hair

Within classic hairstyles, there are many variants that you can choose if you have short hair. Depending on the length, the texture and the definition of the curls, you can go for glamorous hairstyles or semi-combs that add volume and personality to our look, well-armed hairstyles or more natural hairstyles, armed spontaneously.

You can use your imagination and create a unique and special hairstyle. With this photo we present a classic collection, which uses beautiful flowers.

Next we see a voluminous bun strategically placed on the back of the head. The curls are held in the back by hairpins. A super simple hairstyle for short hair.

With volume and very disheveled, leave some loose strands to get an impromptu and angelic look.


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