Bridal hairstyles for long hair 2019

Bridal hairstyles for long hair 2019

If you have long hair, you can go to your wedding wearing your long hair in the best way you like, because long hair is still a trend even if the hair is short. And the truth is one, that if you like long hair and it favors you, then you have to make the most of it. We will show you below, a lot of bridal hairstyles for long hair.

For brides who have long hair, styles abound for 2019, and of course you can choose between the most elaborate and the simplest.

How to choose the hairstyle

Choosing a hairstyle for the wedding is not an easy task. Not only must be a style that you like and look fashionable, but you must also take into account other factors such as the dress, neckline, hair type or wedding style. These are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a wedding hairstyle:

Face, head shape and facial features

  • Hair type
  • The hair length
  • Your height
  • Your style of dress
  • The dress and her neckline

Straight hair

We always see wavy or curly hairstyles for the big wedding day, they are usually very popular. But brides who want to wear their hair as it is, and have it straight, need not fear that it does not look great, because they can also choose hairstyles that favor straight hair like the ones we suggest today.

Whether the hair is short or long, you can always make it look good. A good haircut will not stop looking good if it looks good and you have well-groomed hair. And if you wear it to the shoulders and with bangs you can make a semi-collected, which is ideal at weddings in the afternoon.

For very sophisticated brides, you can choose a smooth collection to the maximum that leaves the coquetry of a bangs with a youthful touch, either very smooth as the one in the upper image, or one slightly carded like the one in the following image. All magnificent.

The straight hair slightly disheveled forming very soft waves with a stripe in the middle, adorned with a beautiful diadem of diamonds, can look very modern.

A loose mane cut in long layers, a natural hairstyle to show the length in style.

Loose hair to one side, an extremely elegant and sexy hairstyle for a wedding.

Long hair in a wavy ponytail, decorated with a headband, can be a nice option to wear a strapless dress.

Waves or curls

Loose or semi-collected and with soft waves is a nice option, especially because the waves are still carried. It is also perfect because it looks simple but also in it lies its other great quality, it looks super elegant. A soft and long waves accommodate the mane and for the gathered wicks, a special detail as an elegant accessory for the hair.

Wavy and lateral hair is another option to consider.

The semi-collected hair in the back, leaving tufts fall, achieving a carefree aspect, are another possibility.

Another semi-collected hairstyle that uses the strands of hair to simulate a soft braid, wavy hair, is a wonderful choice for a wedding.

Long wavy hair with a layered cut, curls to form beautiful curls on the sides and back.

The accessories embellish a lot and the brides opt for them, so a pair of beautiful earrings and a headband will be the detail that complements perfectly, a loose and long hairstyle that looks beautiful and makes the bride look very youthful and romantic A style that is very easy.,

Pigtails and braids

The dominant trends in hair fashion, such as pigtails and braids, you can take to look elegant and youthful in a civil wedding. The possibilities are endless really, but keep in mind that the high ponytail, with volume on the head, and the side braid, a little loose and disheveled, are two outfits that are very fashionable, you will see modern and updated.

You will like to think of some ways you can vary the look, wearing a hairstyle with disheveled pigtail and slightly wavy like the one in the picture below.

Romantic hairstyles with braids, perfect for long hair.

The braids are fashionable, and the disheveled too. If you join the two things you can get a very fashionable hairstyle.

Braids give you endless possibilities when creating a hairstyle. The mermaid style is one of the looks you can choose. It is a very feminine and delicate style.

Simple plait tied to the side to embellish a simple collection.


A wedding hairstyle has to be special, it must be a style you have never worn before. It is a formal hairstyle, which should stand out from the crowd. You can get a beautiful makeover with an elegant and perfect bridal hairstyle.

Delicate and feminine hairstyle, gathered to the side, with curls at the ends.

They can be embellished with the romantic detail of an accessory, be it a band, a headband or a coquettish bow, what the bride enjoys, to look great. You can choose a cute headband with a bow and look very romantic or one with details like pearls to look youthful and sophisticated.

Of relaxed and elegant appearance, but ultra youthful, with the detail of a flower, prettier will not look because it is perfect.


The hairstyles with volume and disheveled are very fashionable, and for a wedding they are ideal. In this case, a semi-collected with the ends of the hair gently undulated.

Among the options you can choose to wear straight or wavy hair. Regardless of whether your hair texture is one or the other, why not take advantage of a great day to let see that enviable mane that you have. Or if you prefer to change your style, you can wave or straighten your hair. You can take it lightly collected with waves as in the image above, or very straight with a coquettish detail like a flower.

This type of outfits are very popular because they are more comfortable and easy to achieve and can be kept perfect throughout the event.

Wavy or curly hair is worn a lot and braids are the rage of the season, why not combine trends ?. It is a young and very modern variant.

Always with waves, superdefinidas, and an accessory for the hair in the maximum of elegance, a modern bridal look with a lot of glamor.


If you have bangs, combing it to the side in a pickup can be an excellent option.

A classic pickup with side braid.


Retro hairstyles are also another of the most important trends. You have many possibilities without a doubt. We show you some.

A beautiful Rockabilly hairstyle for those who enjoy being admired, will be the perfect choice for a great wedding.

Or it can be a diva style of the 50s.

Or of the 60s.

And those who have chosen wedding dresses very romantic or vintage, will want details that fit within this trend, a beautiful headband with flowers can not be more romantic, like one that has pearls or a bow on a slightly wavy mane. Do not you think that everyone is beautiful?


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