Bridal hairstyles 2019: photos and trends


Not all hairstyles are suitable for a wedding. Bridal hairstyles must be very feminine, romantic and delicate. In addition, it is very important that they match the dress and the style of the wedding. And of course, a hairstyle that makes you pretty and that goes well with your personality. It is important that you feel comfortable with him. For this 2019 you are seeing some trends that we will show you below to inspire you and achieve your perfect style.

The decision to marry is one of the most important decisions in our lives. When we are already decided, we are before the selection and everything that entails preparing a wedding, the dresses, the invitations, the banquet, the decorations, the cake, and of course, the hairstyle. Choosing a bridal hairstyle is a complicated task, because a wedding is possibly one of the most important days of your life, so the hairstyle must also be important, and how it will be memorable.

Low collected

You can choose the low bows, at the height of the neck, either a chignon, a French bun (the hair turned), dancer’s bows or slightly disheveled, complemented with beautiful accessories for hair like pearls, small flowers, crystals or bright.

A classic that is easy and that you can consider when choosing, is a low chignon, like the one we see below. Not only is it easy, but it looks very classic and is very flattering, as well as comfortable on days when the weather is usually extreme, like in summer.

Collected high

This is another of the hairstyles that are very fashionable, and are ideal for a girlfriend. A high bun, leaving hair with volume and a diadem or tiara with diamonds, can look very glamorous and feminine.

Collected sides

This is another ideal option for brides, since the hair looks delicate, feminine and very elegant, and can perfectly complement all types of dress. The bow should be loose, with movement and with waves.

The bangs to the sides has achieved such an important number of followers, that it will remain latent in fashion one more season, since it has been difficult to move it.

This type of collection is one of those that most governs what will be the 2019 fashion, being ideal to accompany an enormous diversity of sets, since it has an enormous versatility.

Collected disorderly

The fashion of loose strands and disheveled hairstyles is still a trend, and this season brides may also look so slightly disheveled. For this we propose this style in the image below. A hairstyle picked easy, slightly disheveled.

Waves and collected in loops at the height of the neck, based on forks and waves descending from the top.

The romantic hairstyles are characterized by volume, great body and elegance, which makes it a relaxing hair. Voluminous hairstyles, completely free faces and loose wicks from behind.


If you prefer to wear your hair only in one part, you have several options. Tails with the hair turned or slightly disheveled with toupee, as well as an infinity of accessories that can help you complement the look. The important thing is to create an ethereal, romantic look, and if you have long hair you can achieve it with a style of this type.

If you have long and thick hair, it is one of the best options is to make a loose ponytail, that is, to fall behind the head, tying with a strand of your hair gently.

A long mane offers a lot of options, this time a semi-collected with undulations at the tips.

Loose hair

Hairstyles are one of the best allies that women have when it comes to getting the perfect look, since a nice set is nothing in itself, so that for the wedding day it is not only important to find the dress Bridal dress that is worn according to our taste, style and body but it is also essential to find the hairstyle that enhances the properties of the dress and our face.

If you want to show off your hair, you can opt for elegant waves, with the hair backwards, letting you see the face, or the hair completely smooth, backwards, with the stripe on the side. The important thing is that the hair look impeccable, healthy and bright.

The waves are still a great trend, and if you have long hair, why not use it in a cascade of waves like the one in the upper image or combine waves and floral details, as in the semi-corrugated of the next image.

Loose hair, smooth and smooth falls, wide undulations, make this hairstyle an authentic delight.

You can get a drop of wavy hair, even without having very long hair, can also place hair extensions, even the famous clip extensions.


The hairstyle for our wedding is as important as choosing the dress. Many times, the wrong hairstyle can ruin our look, dulling our dress, however cute it may be. The hairstyle is an accessory that we should use to our advantage, both to emphasize the best features of our face and disguise those negative and also must accompany our dress. Depending on your design, the perfect hairstyle can be a hairstyle or a loose hairstyle.

But loose hair collection, loaded undulations, ruffled and a braid in diagonal direction.

For those looking for an elaborate style, braided hairstyles can be ideal, as they allow us a wide variety of styles and styles, and they are considered one of the most popular hairstyles of the 2019 season.

The braids are one of the trends that have boomed more for several seasons, and are still here. No doubt you can make a lot of outfits with them. The options are endless.

Wet hair

Whether it’s with loose or picked hair, this is another trend you can consider.

Short hair

A distinguished hairstyle is one of the basic needs of every woman who intends to attend a party, and when that party is your own wedding, the hairstyle becomes even more important, since it is one of the keys to make the bridal look a whole success. It has the power to further enhance your outfit or to spoil everything in case of choosing an inappropriate hairstyle.

A hairstyle with layers will give a serious and sexy style, in addition, if it is a short hair, it will give you the personality you find in this hairstyle.

A very elegant and simple hairstyle for short hair, pick it up from behind and decorate it with headbands.

Brides with short hair should not think that there are missing options, this is a nice style that is achieved with short hair and has its glamor so that a bride looks especially favored on the day of their wedding.

The disorderly ripples are suitable for short hair and medium hair. On this occasion, they accompany a braid from the center to one of the sides.

Half hair

Bridal fashion includes all styles of hairstyles. From classic hairstyles to modern hairstyles, hairstyles collected or semi-collected. It is important not to leave the hairstyle for the last moment and also, it is good to choose three or four hairstyles, try them and then choose which is better for our face, as well as for our dress and the style of the wedding in general.

Medium long hair is one of the favorite of many, for being one of the lowest maintenance cuts. And if it is worn freshly and with movement, in addition to a nice bangs; They will be betting on one of the key trends of the season.

And it is a beautiful way to wear the veil, add the detail of a special and delicate ornament. In these images you can admire original and beautiful bridal hairstyles that look especially elegant but above all romantic. They make us think about those great weddings of the cinema that we have seen in the best romantic movies because to adorn the wedding hairstyle, is to give it a special and more glamorous touch.


A collected with defined and large curls, creates a stunning relaxed and casual pickup.

Eighties hairstyles with loaded curls never go out of style. This rock and sensual hairstyle will create the most eighties look and breaker in the 21st century.

Long curls collected with stripe side. The loose curly hair is so beautiful and complete, that you really do not need any accessories to impose style.


Large cloth flowers, especially on one side of the head, may be another option for this year.

A beautiful way to decorate the wedding hairstyle, is adding a cute detail like a flower, a bow, an accessory, and this makes them romantic bridal hairstyles, because those details of coquetry can make the difference in one without ornaments.

Hairstyles with tiaras or headbands

Hairstyles of this style are undoubtedly one of the clearest youth trends for the season, allowing us to benefit from a fresh and versatile image.

They enjoy a special preference among the brides, the ones picked up because with them, in addition to showing off with their hairstyle, they can boast of accessories like a pretty tiara. But they can also be placed on long, loose hair, either a wavy or limp mane.

A detail like a headband, a hairpin, a flower or just a braid that protrudes from the same mane are enough to make the hair look. They are accessories that take full advantage of the texture of the hair.


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