Bridal hairdo with red hair: beautiful ideas


The red hair is beautiful and the wedding day should be highlighted with the right hairstyle that enhances the blond or coppery reflections typical of red hair. So we offer many wedding hairstyles for red hair, simple or embellished with accessories.

Rhinestones, ribbons, flowers, clasps, combs, headbands, crowns and tiaras or the classic veil will be the protagonists of the many bridal hairstyles we have selected for you.

Bride Hairdo Red Hair

Mahogany red hair, titian red, dark red. All these tones have a particularity and all can be highlighted by a ceremonial hairstyle suitable for the bride’s face and complexion. The soft curls immediately give a princess look, especially if you leave the white skin and the bright and minimal make-up. The crowns of flowers and the small circles with luminous stones are perfect for embellishing the loose red hair.

Wedding Hairstyles with Loose Hair

Long hair, loose on shoulders and back, full and full-bodied. Many brides with red hair want to leave their hair free for their wedding. Free but not untidy, so always dress your hair methodically – smooth, curly, wavy or with curls – adding hair accessories that give character, like a floral headband or veil for the church ceremony.

Red Bride, Hairstyle with Braid

The braid gives a romantic and dreamy allure, as well as being practical, so many brides choose it as a wedding hairstyle. It is a perfect wedding hairstyle for long and thick hair, which can be in classic or herringbone form, enriched by ribbons, flowers or rhinestones.

Collected Bride with Red Hair

Side tuft or bangs to frame the face and lightly cotton hair on top and then collected in a tangle of curls, neatly combed as if they were a maxi braid. Red-haired brides can play with their hair adding floral decorations – roses, daisies, lilies of the valley – in matching with the bouquet or rhinestone clasps.

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Curly Red Hair

The red curly hair can be combed in a soft crop that leaves out of the strategic strands, but also stays loose. Who has short curly hair must focus on the definition, then perfect waves, not full but super bright hair.

Bride Picking Red Hair

The bride with red hair who loves simplicity can orient herself on a minimal, classic crop. A narrow bun with a central line, enriched by a flower that incorporates the main one of the bouquet, or the banana bun, which can be left completely devoid of ornaments or lit by small combs with rhinestones.

Bride Hairstyles with Diadem

If you have planned to wear a tiara, know that the red color of your hair will put even more emphasis on the brightness of the jewel! Since the tiara is challenging, it is better to orientate yourself on poorly crafted wedding hairstyles. A chignon pulled and super smooth or soft but not too uncombed.

Red Haired Brides with Veil

The white veil highlights the red hair, so take advantage of it! The most classic hairstyle sees the hair collected in a more or less soft bun, which is then covered by the veil and the clasp that will hold it on the hair. If instead you prefer to emphasize the hairstyle itself, then the veil can be applied underneath, on the nape.

Combing Hair Collected Soft

The simplest and most romantic harvest is undoubtedly the low chignon or the nape, which can be made even if you have medium hair and not too long, adding perhaps locks or extensions to give more volume. Some soft locks can be left free to frame the face, the skin in this case should be left white and bright, to give maximum emphasis to the red tone of the hair. If instead you have a well-designed oval, then you can collect all the hair and enrich the hairstyle with suitable hair accessories, better if bright.

Combing with flowers and butterflies

Flowers and butterflies are the hallmarks of a romantic wedding hairstyle. If you have mahogany red hair or titian red hair the colors that best highlight your reflexes are white, red and cream, so choose flowers or butterfly accessories that have these colors. Obviously the collected hairstyle is the one that best enhances the use of flowers and butterfly-shaped clasps.

Floral Hairstyles Brides Red Hair

Red brides who love flowers can opt for a hairstyle that incorporates buds, twigs, leaves and other rural and floral details. The harvest is undoubtedly the hairstyle that makes it better with these details, but also a crown of flowers enriches a red hair left loose on the shoulders.

Would you like to have red hair at your wedding, but do not want to resort to something as definitive as the color? Opt for coloring shampoo. But remember to do a test before the fateful day to test the duration, effectiveness and color nuance.

Which hairstyle do you think best highlights a red hair? Leave a comment!


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