Braids winter 2019 2020: the 100 most beautiful and trendy

Braids winter 2019 2020: the 100 most beautiful and trendy

With ear of corn, French, crowned or raised, here are the most beautiful and original winter 2019 braids to try!

Looking for original ideas for hairstyles with braids in winter 2019 2020? The proposals are many, from hairstyles with braids to French to those with wheat spikes, from the most characteristic hairstyle to the semi-harvested hairstyle and more! Let’s take a look together with the simple and fast tutorials and the most beautiful proposals of winter braids 2020!

Medium and Short Hair Braids

There are many ideas for hairstyles with winter braids for medium and short hair. An example of fast braids are those that start from the top of the head and end in two tails along the nape, but we can make hairstyles with original crown braids on the top of the head, elegant braids only on the back and more particular looks with semi-gathered hair and chignon. If you want to see many other ideas, discover our collection with all the hairstyles for short and medium hair.

Gathered with Braids

But in terms of elegant hairstyles with braids we cannot fail to mention the harvests, from the low braids to the most playful top knots. In our easy braid tutorials we show you how to make hairstyles with a soft braid and a classic crop behind the head. In our images you will also find many ideas for romantic looks with French or Dutch braids, to be fixed on the back of the head or on the upper part to embellish any type of hairstyle for gathered hair. We also invite you to browse through the many ideas for autumn winter hairstyles in our gallery.

Raised Braid

How to make a raised braid? It’s so easy following our tutorial! We are talking about a type of braid attached to the head also called a Dutch braid. It is obtained starting from the top of the head and intertwining the three strands one below the other, not above it as for the classic braids. The beautiful final three-dimensional effect is perfect for creating looks with side braids, double or central, but also as the heart of a more romantic semi-collection hairstyle.

Braid Spiga Wheat

The herringbone braid, also known as wheat spike braid or fishbone braid, is one of the most loved by stars and influencers who show it off in every occasion! The tutorial shows you how to make the most common variant attached to the head, but we can also indulge ourselves with double braids, a very glamorous boho-chic look, and with particular mixes with classic braids or two strands!

Semi-collected with Braids

Among the hairstyles with more feminine braids we certainly find the semi-gathered ones, which leave part of the hair loose. Particularly suitable for ceremonies and weddings, semi-gathered hairstyles with braids can include combinations of different types. They range from looks with a single side braid hidden from the rest of the crown to those with frontal strands gathered and woven in single or multiple twists. A touch of bon ton not to be forgotten is given by the soft braid, which is obtained by loosening the individual rings a little with a very nice volume effect. If you are looking for more elegant solutions, browse through our hairstyles collection for adult bridesmaid.

Side Braid

The side braid attached to the garment remains one of the most popular, especially if we want to embellish our hairstyle in a simple and quick way. A classic braid with three strands that starts from one side of the head and ends behind the other’s ear is perfect to give vitality to the side tails, but we can also continue to weave up to the base and then give a loose look to our braid by enlarging the Rings. The tutorials show us how to do a great job with a weave with two strands or three, to be embellished if we want with rhinestones and floral clasps. If you like this style don’t miss our article with the most beautiful side hairstyles.

Waterfall Braid

To those who are wondering how to make a crop with waterfall braid, let’s remember that it is one of the simplest looks to make, but with great visual impact. The cascading braid starts from the sides of the head and wraps around the nape, ideal both to give a little volume to the straight hair, and to give a more lively and feminine effect to the hair with waves and curls. How to get a cascade braid with four strands? Find out in our tutorial!

Braids Attached To The Head

Hyper feminine, bon ton and always extremely refined, the braids attached to the head remain an unparalleled evergreen. What distinguishes them is the technique that allows them to insert all the strands of hair into the weaving, so as to affect the entire hair. It is a type of look that we can create with a French or Dutch braid, with a herringbone or classic braid.

Special Braids

But if the more traditional ideas are not for you, here are some original braids to inspire you! They range from semiraccolti to two tails with spike-like details of central wheat to weaves that use small elastic bands to create more elaborate combinations, from harvests that alternate classic weaves and more characteristic wide rings to the swollen maxi braids perfect for those with long hair.

Crown braid

Nothing recalls the vintage term of the crown or braid braid in circles, a look that from the 20s to today remains timeless. The classic crown braid starts from a strand of hair combed and carried upwards to then be braided on the opposite side of the head. At this point we begin to add small locks until we get a single braid with all the hair, which we will then fix behind the neck as if it were a circle. A chic touch to add? A flower in your hair!

Wavy Hair with Very Nice Braids

The combination of wavy hair and braids is much loved, especially if we want to make a bohemian and cheeky hairstyle. Perfect for elegant events, the semi-collected hairstyles are the ones that are best suited to be enlivened by classic braids, French or more elaborate mixes of different techniques. Also in this case a jewel clasp or rhinestone inserts will give the look a very sophisticated touch. Look at these beautiful braids in photos and also discover our collection with all the best hairstyles for curly hair!

Soft Braid

The soft or loose braid is the ideal solution when we have little time available and we want to give a refined accent to even the most casual look. This type of hairstyles does not need great precision, in fact leaving a few locks free on the sides of the head or along the braid is the rule for a faded messy look! To make the shape softer it will simply be enough to loosen the braid rings with your fingers. It is beautiful to wear in winter with a hat or when wearing scarves and sweaters.

What do you think of our mega collection of braid hairstyles? Which one will you run to try? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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