Boxer braids, the braid becomes chic

Boxer braid

The boxer braids braids are very fashionable between star and fashionista. Have you ever heard of it? They are suitable for sporty and elegant looks at any time of the day. In this article you will find out what they are and how they are made.

Boxer braidsare one of the trendiest hair styling trends.

Always sported for their practicality, today they are a must have to be fashionable, especially if accompanied by a particular hair color or with a balayage effect. In 2004 it was Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby who wore them during boxing matches.

Today they are literally infuriating among celebrities. Since Kim Kardashian’s first post on Instagram, the list of celebrities has grown. Actresses, singers, models and bloggers like BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Chiara Ferragni have been seduced by the glamorous practicality of boxer braids.

What are boxer braids and how are they made?

Boxer braids are nothing more than braids made in pairs. The version that depopulated among the stars is the most classic of boxer braids: two very dense French braids that start at the top of the head and divide the hair into two parts. They follow the lateral lines of the head and recline behind the shoulders.

It is necessary to divide the hair between a clean and tidy line. You can help yourself with a comb to split your hair and with a little gel to make them shiny. For practicality, the advice is to tie half of the hair in a low tail. With the other half make a braid starting from the top of the head. At each step, take more and more hair until you reach the final part. Close the braid with a thin elastic. Repeat the process on the other side. If a braid that is too tight is not for you, you can make your braids a little more swollen. To obtain the volumizing effect you want, gently spread some strands with your hands. The braid must be completed and closed with an elastic band, otherwise you risk having to start over from the beginning.Many hairdressers offer boxer braids in the version with classic double braids or in one of the variants. Let’s see some ideas to realize:

  • boxer braids with French braids: they are the classic braids. Three strands of hair are placed one on top of the other from the outside to the inside to form the braid.
  • boxer braids with Dutch braids: they seem to lean on the hair and have a decidedly more voluminous and round effect than the French ones. The lock of hair is not placed on the previous ones, but is intertwined on the contrary, from below.
  • boxer braids for short hair: even those with short hair can be glamorous showing off boxer braids. They intertwine according to the hair of each one following the lines of the head.
  • milkmaid braid: two side braids like boxer braids are braided to form a circle around the head
  • halo braid: it is very similar to the previous one because it creates a sort of crown. In this case it is a single braid to crown the head.
  • pipe braid: they are two side braids like boxer braids, but the hair is rolled up on themselves to form a tube. Hence the name “pipe”, which means pipe. The braids stop at the neckline where they are fixed with the elastic. The final part is left loose as if it were a tail.

The boxer braids adapt to all types of hair: long, medium, short and scaled. Watching tutorials on the web seem easy to do by yourself, but is it really so? If the dexterity is not your forte, contact your hairdresser for a cover result.

How to wear boxer braids

The boxer braids create a glamorous look, suitable for any occasion. They can be worn casually during the day, in the gym and for an evening aperitif.

Experience boxer braids with different outfits. Wearing casual and sportswear create even more strength. If you love contrasts, combine them with a delicate dress. The result will certainly be glam-chic.

But boxer braids can also be the perfect hairstyle for a future bride who does not love classicism too much but has a somewhat alternative personality. In short, we can say that the strengths of the boxer tracks are practicality and versatility.

They last even 12 hours. Try keeping them in the office all day and loosening them before dark for wavy hair. Alternatively, just change clothes and you’ll be perfect!

If you don’t want to go crazy creating them yourself, look for a hairdresser in your area to show off screaming boxer braids!

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