Bold Pink the perfect combination between romanticism and rudeness for your look

Bold pink

Forget about the balayage, eye tiger and rose gold tone, because the new trend of the moment is full of color, romanticism and rudeness. Bold pink is the tone that promises to fill the spring with color, it is more intense and dark than purple, it relies on the ombre technique to generate different types of gradients.

According to Allure, expert in colorimetry, the most daring and colorful tones such as bold pink or living coral mark the farewell to the pastel tones; in addition, they have a more varied ranges when adding dark touches, browns, purples or oranges.

Say goodbye, al rose gold

And welcome to bold pink

The perfect balance between romantic and rude

Its vibrant tone will make you the center of attention

Its pink touches combine perfectly with love

But its intensity is able to dominate any situation

Neither black nor pink

You can even add some pastel and orange touches

Although the purple does better

A risky trend, but ideal for a radical change of look

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