Bob Haircut 2019: trends and photos

Bob Haircut 2019

The Bob cut never goes out of style, and 2019 will not be the exception. It is a type of cut that does not bore, since it encompasses many styles within it. In addition, this beautiful haircut timeless is very flattering to all face shapes and adapts very well whatever the texture of your hair.

You have several types of cuts you can choose, adapting to your personality and the type of hair you have, since the options will be different if you have straight or curly hair. Here we leave you the most beautiful Bob hairstyles for 2019.

Classic Bob

A classic bob has the same length in all its outline, and comes a little below the chin. It has no outer layers, but it is cut a little shorter on the inside, which causes the hair to curve in naturally, without the help of a hairstyle.

Achieving a nice straight hairstyle is very simple. After washing the hair and drying it gently with a towel, apply mousse to lift the roots with damp hair. Then dry with a dryer while combing with a round brush inside.

Classic Bob in layers

It is a classic cut, that is, it has the same length in all its outline, but layers are added, which gives it more texture and volume. These layers can be cut at different angles, so these cuts can look very different from each other. They are usually cut with a knife.

Having many layers, they offer a lot of versatility when creating different hairstyles, creating different shapes and textures with the help of gel or mousse.

Line A

The hair is shorter in the back and is longer in the front, creating an A. The original A-line cut is not cut in layers, volume is not created in the back of the head. Create a frame for the face, since the tips go inwards.

Bob graduated or inverted

This cut is similar to line A, it is shorter behind than in front, but in a curve, creating the shape of a horseshoe or U. It also has layers that follow this line, creating volume mainly in the back.

Of course, the number of layers can vary, creating more or less volume. You can also vary the height of these layers. This is one of the most popular cuts today, and is used a lot with soft waves, creating a very nice messy style.

Asymmetric Bob

This type of Bob can have the line of any of the Bobs mentioned above, but the difference is that it is longer on one side than on the other. It can be straight, line A, or inverted.


It is a bob cut longer than the classic one. It reaches almost to the shoulder or exceeds it. An increasingly popular trend in fashion. Although it has been with us for several seasons, it continues to remain strong and the year 2019 is no exception.

While Bob cuts have certain rules, Bob have variations in both shapes and hair length. It is one of the most sophisticated and elegant styles and for this reason several celebrities do not hesitate to wear this cut.

You can also give us hairstyles with a lot of charm and sophistication. If you are attracted by this trend, check out the following images and inspire yourself to choose your favorite style.

With bangs

The Bob style haircut will continue to be used in 2019, and is undoubtedly one of the most popular cuts for its easy maintenance and styling. You can wear it with bangs too. All the cuts mentioned above can incorporate a bangs.

The layers can be cut in various ways, but you can also choose to wear it straight. All the possibilities are valid. The bangs may be on the eyebrows or on one side of the face, and its length may vary.

Bob shaved

Another trend that has been taking place for many seasons is to shave an area of the head, it can be on one side, on the ears or on the nape of the neck.

For wavy or curly hair

Soft waves with long or short hair have already positioned themselves as one of the trends in recent years. We have seen these hair textures on the catwalks, red carpets and on the street.

It does not matter if you are blonde or brunette, if your hair is jet black, intense blond or you have dyed a fantasy color, with any skin tone and hair tone, waves or curls are always fabulous.

You can take it with the stripe to the side, to the center, without stripe, as you want. You can also put a bangs on them.

You can also use an electric curler or hair straightener to achieve this hairstyle. Remember that before applying any of these two elements you must protect your hair with a spray or protective cream.

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