Bob Cut 2019: how it is done and who is fine


The bob or bob cut has marked an era in dell’hairstyle world: discover all types and to those who give this look!

The bob cut, also known as “bob cut” or “carré”, is the most loved by women. Born in the ’20s, has never ceased to be among the most sought after and required hairstyles and over time has not lost the elegance that characterizes it.

Long, short, rough or climbed, the bob over the years has undergone changes that have made it absolutely unique. Let’s discover the features and who can bring the most loved haircut of recent years!

Chopped bob cut

How the Bob Cut is born

The bob, also called bob or carré, is a short cut in which the hair is cut at the height of the ears (short bob) or at the level of the shoulders (long bob). There are many variations and lengths, but this type of haircut has a history of a century.

It was born around 1909 from an idea of the Antoine hairdresser and became a true symbol of female emancipation both in Europe and in the United States.

Short bob haircut

The bob haircut immediately became a symbol of modernity and independence. Launched worldwide by the dancer Irene Castle, it subsequently underwent further evolution through the image of Louise Brooks which became a real icon.

It was certainly the emblematic haircut for that era, so much so that it marked a decisively important step towards female emancipation. Until then, in fact, hair for women was considered almost untouchable and cutting them so neatly would have been unthinkable.

Bob haircut

The 60s represented the pinnacle of success for the helmet cut. The famous cartoonist Guido Crepax conceived the figure of Valentina, refined beauty represented by a wonderful black bob synonymous with charm and sensuality.

Scaled helmet

In Italy it was worn by Raffaella Carrà and Caterina Caselli who was even nicknamed “Casco d’oro” and if in the period between the ’70s and’ 80s the bob cut was less exploited, in recent years it marked a brilliant return thanks to figures notes such as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna. More recently we have seen him show off also by his sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Modern, practical and functional, we are used to seeing the hair in different types of hair bob: let’s find out a complete overview and see who is doing well.

Worn helmet

Types Of Cutting Bob

There are many variations of this elegant “cut a little boy” or carré. Based on the features and details the bob takes on different names. Let’s see together how this famous haircut is cataloged.

  • A-line bob: the classic helmet that sees the tips slightly longer on the front than the nape and slightly curved.
A-line bob
  • Buzz-cut bob: in this case the front part is considerably longer than the nape, where there is a real shave at the base of the neck.
Buzz-cut bob
  • Chin-length bob: yoke in which the front and back side see identical lengths that reach the chin.
Chin-length bob
  • Inverted bob: the perimeter of the cut is curved and not straight, the front is slightly shorter than the back and the nape.
Inverted bob
  • Shaggy bob: it is a messed up helmet that sees layered shaves to give movement and modernity, a destructured bob cut.
Shaggy bob
  • Shingle bob: very short yoke that sees the lengths reach the nape and the cheeks to the maximum.
Shingle bob
  • Shoulder-length bob: we could also call it a long bob or long bob cut since the lengths in this case tend to reach the shoulders.
Shoulder-length bob

Bob cut and types of hair

The bob haircut is a versatile hairstyle that lends itself to being made on every type of hair, whatever its length.

Short Bob cut

The short bob cut is a true classic: it is usually preferable if made on smooth hair whose lengths reach around the ears or cheeks to the maximum. Elegant and refined, it gives particular oval and regular faces as it enhances the shape. It is also splendid in the short-sleeved variant with bangs.

Helmet wavy hair

Medium Bob cut

The average bob haircut sees the lengths usually reach the chin or the neck. Symmetrical, or consisting of longer lengths on the front of the head, is certainly the most exploited variant as it also gives features characterized by a round face.

In fact, it allows you to brush the contours of the face, making it more graceful and lends itself to being made even on wavy hair that can give volume and movement.

Medium bob cut

Long Bob cut

Also called lob, the long bob (to say the one in perfect style “Raffaella Carrà”) is characterized by a considerable length for this type of cut.

Pulled out, smooth or rough, it usually reaches the base of the neck or the shoulders at the maximum lends itself to be made on an oval, triangular or rectangular face but not too squared. To enhance this cut it is important to have healthy and hydrated hair, better if treated with a coconut shampoo.

long bob cut

Scaled Bob cut

The carré scaled haircut is perfect for those who love classic style, but do not give up a modern and avant-garde touch. The scalings allow you to lighten important hair, calibrating the volume and making the hairstyle unique.

It lends itself particularly to be combined with vibrant and multi-faceted colors, rich in shades and maybe scratches that highlight the movement through plays of light and shadows.

Bob cut

Cut Bob Mosso

Even the rough bob, accompanied perhaps to the scaling, is one of the cuts of the moment. In the vogue among Hollywood stars it is elegant, refined and modern, suitable for both young women with short curly hair and all those who have passed the “door”.

It enhances the somatic features, softens them and is suitable for any type of physiognomy, including that square where the characteristic features are concretely lightened. If your hair is naturally smooth and you want to make it voluminous, find out how to make your hair curly.

Chopped bob cut

Care and Maintenance of Bob

The bob cut does not require special care and maintenance other than the ordinary one of a haircut. It only needs a periodic retouching by the hairstylist if we want to maintain the original length.

A medium or long bob allows us to space and play with the volume: we can make it smooth with the plate or we can get a rough helmet using styling products combined with the diffuser or curling iron.

Short smooth headband

Which is suitable for Bob?

Who is well and who is not? On which face the bob is better and is able to enhance it?

  • Oval face: the bob on oval face is ideal short, medium or long, also having the possibility of spacing between smooth and rough;
Bob cut for oval face
  • Triangular face: yes to medium bob, maybe moved in degrees to make the somatic features more harmonious;
Bob cut for triangular face
  • Round face: in this case the bob is to be avoided because it tends to emphasize excessively roundness;
Bob for round face
  • Squared face: the bob is suitable if medium or long as it rounds and softens the strokes, especially if it is a scaled helmet;
Headband for square face
  • Elongated face: it is necessary to opt for a medium or long bob, possibly moved that gives volume to the face making it visually fuller.
Helmet for elongated face

We hope you find the right cut for your hair type and shape of your face!


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