Blueberry, the ideal tone to start the year with a change of look

blueberry hair color

During the summer we love to use warm colors for clothes, nails and makeup, but during the winter we think in cold tones; However, the biggest dilemma is what is the ideal for our hair? Because we have to be honest, during the dates we like to change the look to be the most beautiful.

Enough of the black, red or brown hair, this year you have to think about the blue ones, but not in anyone but in the blueberry. With this you can have a beautiful and perfect style to shine like the night.

Reflexes to make the tone stand out

Let the navy blue predominate over the black

Small purple sparkles

The gradient is the best option

Mix tones with the light technique

The perfect combination does exist

Add touches of turquoise

Blue denim is also a good option

This balayage is what you need to change your look

Simply bright, beautiful and perfect


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