Blond henna on bleached hair: useful tips

Blond henna on bleached hair: useful tips

How to proceed in case you want to make blond henna on bleached hair? Find out all the tips and important details in this article

There is nothing better than a restyling of your look, playing with the shades and brightness of your hair. If you plan to give your hair new shine with reflections of light, henna is an increasingly popular and cheap natural alternative, but without being invasive and aggressive with traditional shades, which often contain chemicals. Blonde henna is a perfect and very green choice for a shiny color and to nourish the hair. Find out more!

Henna and blonde henna in comparison

Henna is one of the basic products of phytocosmetics, known and used for thousands of years from Ancient Egypt, India, Africa. Proper henna is natural or red henna, obtained from the dried and pulverized leaves of a shrub, Lawsonia inermis. Neutral henna, on the other hand, is extracted from another plant, the Senna Italica (also known by the name of Cassia Obovata). Henna has rebalancing properties that benefit the scalp, useful for fighting seborrhea and oily dandruff.

Blond henna is another variant of natural origin that gives the hair golden shades like that of hair kissed by the summer sun, but without the dryness of exposure to the strongest rays. It is often accompanied by a mix of dyeing herbs, that is, which have the ability to release pigmentation on the skin: Katam (Buxus dioica), Indigo and Lawsonia. Perfect for those with light brown or blond hair, but without chromatic effects in case of darker hair. In addition, blond henna can cover white hair, but some care is needed in the application and not all dyeing herbs totally cover them.

Henna on bleached hair

Are dyes and bleaches compatible with henna and dyeing herbs? Yes, but with small precautions. Pure henna does not cause problems on dyed or bleached hair. The other tincture herbs do not create nuisances, except for Indigo. Discoloration should be excluded if you have used it, as you may find yourself with green hair! Also reflect on the use of blond henna on bleached hair, since it is more likely to get a coppery and not the classic blond-yellow. Above all, check that the henna does not contain sodium picramate, to avoid unpleasant chromatic results.

Blonde henna: the shades of color

It is good to remember that natural herbal dyes do not have the ability to lighten or bleach the hair, because they do not contain adequate substances, such as hydrogen peroxide. It is therefore not possible to create highlights with a vegetable color, but to obtain a color similar to your own, enriched with vibrant and bright reflections or a darker tint, tone on tone. If you have a golden blonde effect in mind, add a compress of lemon, yogurt or honey and chamomile infusion to the henna which accentuates the golden, such as the hair of Blake Lively and Sienna Miller.

The Khadi honey blonde nuance is the perfect henna to give body and shine and give hair a little dull a bright color like that of Bella Hadid and January Jones. Henna with cold blonde nuances is often accompanied by powders of: pomegranate, rhubarb and indigofera. If you add a Chamomile Blend, it will come to a cold light blond like that of Michelle Williams and Karlie Kloss. Alternatively, mixed with Hazelnut, here is a very cold dark blond like that of Michelle Pfeiffer and Elizabeth Olsen.

Blonde henna is a compound recommended to lighten hair naturally and delicately, forming those enviable shades of ultra trendy lighter shades.


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