Blond hair: all the trendiest colors and shades

Blond hair

Blond hair has always been synonymous with beauty and femininity and, like high heels, it never goes out of fashion: here are the trendiest and most popular shades for 2019.

The woman with blonde hair, even if the result of discoloration, feels blonde inside: the blonde is not only a hair color, in fact, but it is a way of being and seeing femininity and sensuality. Hair of this color never goes out of fashion and has always been synonymous with beauty. As an icon, as proof of this, they have nothing less than Marylin Monroe, the blonde par excellence.

If in those days the blond in fashion was platinum, however, today the shades for blonde hair are innumerable, also in consideration of shatush, tigereye, balayage and the other trends that are very popular in recent times. For blond hair this 2019 has a complete range of colors ranging from cold to warm, passing through shades of exception such as pink.

The shades 2019 for blond hair

One of the novelties of 2019 was the “nude” blond in particular, a shade that slightly recalls beige in its colder version enriched by some golden-cream nuances. The peculiarity of this color is given by the hot-cold association which is difficult to find, but which instead manages to give a refined result: as natural as it is extraordinary. The classic nude is perfect for light complexions, otherwise it is recommended to push more on the warm shade, that is golden.

For those who love to dare a little more, it is worthwhile to stand once again on the shades for the blond hair obtained through the balayage technique, with the darker roots that lighten up like a star on the tips. Here the choice of the blond depends very much on the root and if it is intended to keep the dark part of the base as natural or not. In the cold version you can choose to make ash blond hair, more or less dark according to taste. For warm tones, on the other hand, you go from honey blonde hair to caramel.

For those who want to be in the latest fashion, the rosy blond (blush hair): introduced 1-2 years ago, this year it has really depopulated. The base is a nice light blond, preferably cold, but the shade is slightly pink for an incredible magic. To ensure that the final result is harmonious, it is important to choose the right shade of pink, perhaps by having a trusted hairdresser advise you.

Finally, there are once again platinum blonde hair, iconic and timeless for true sex symbol.

How to choose the right blonde for you

If it is true that the blond is a philosophy, on the other hand the aesthetic factor should never be neglected. Faced with such a vast panorama, the choice of the blonde is not at all simple. To better orient yourself, it is advisable to start with skin tone.

If it is very light and rosy it is advisable to go on light or very light blond shades, because in this way there will not be a too aggressive contrast to the eye. If the skin is a little darker, it will be better to have honey-blonde or ash-colored hair instead. Adding more coppery or caramel shades, the blond becomes perfect also for olive skins.

Finally, once you find the right color it is essential to choose the right cut based on the shape of your face: even in this case the advice of an experienced hairdresser is what makes the difference! Also, never forget to take care of your blond with anti-yellowing treatments and products: they will prevent the blond from turning into an anti yellow aesthetic.


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