The coolest color is the blond hair with dark roots in evidence

blond with dark roots

Blond hair with dark roots is a must beauty of the moment. The era of retouching is over! Find out here how to get a clear, glamorous and trendy shade

The blond of 2019 is no longer the classic uniform color or even a head modulated on highlights, as he used a few years ago. The coolest light color is a very light tone with natural, dark roots. It is called “coconut milk blond” and refers precisely to the exotic fruit because it has a brown shell and an interior of a lunar and cold color. The contrast between these two shades is one of the must-haves of the year: the result is a light crown resting on dark and natural roots.

The blond hair of 2019 focuses on platinum, lunar, icy shades. Warm, pasty colors, honey or bronde are a memory to be confined to the summer months. In the coming autumn and winter the blonde will be a feminine, sensual and refined color – as always – but he will focus more on sharp contrasts than on uniformity or nuances.

How to manage regrowth

The colorists of the most famous beauty salons in the United States say it: the era in which people rushed to retouch their regrowth has passed. In 2019 the blond is cool the more it contrasts with the base, which can be ash, light brown, dark brown or even black. The regrowth is a plus value, it is beautiful to look at, it gives a charm (paradoxically) more natural to your blonde, but it must be treated and managed carefully, and always following the advice of the hairdresser.

For example, those with a warm, reddish base have difficulty maintaining a cold and icy blonde. The roots could acquire an orange nuance and the tips, with the progress of the washings, may tend towards the hated straw yellow effect. How to prevent this problem? You need to choose the type of color that best suits your head:

  • shatush
  • sunstrokes
  • balayage
  • traditional color
  • dyed without ammonia

The important thing is to refresh the color periodically, with an operation called tonalization.

How to avoid the yellow effect

Blond hair is beautiful but also very delicate, especially if it covers a dark and warm base. To cool it you can perform a treatment, that of the tonalization, which can be performed by the hairdresser at the head washing or – for those who are more experienced – at home, with common or professional products. Immediately after shampooing, pigments are applied to wet hair (which does not burn and damage skin or hair in any way) which interact with the underlying color and perform an anti-yellowing function. The pigments also act on the base, cooling the color temperature.

Maintenance can also be performed at home, with purple-colored shampoo and conditioner, which contrast the yellow or orange effect and allow your blond to shine, to alternate with masks and moisturizing products that make your hair always strong and shiny. When we talk about blond, with or without roots in evidence, we must also be careful to rely on a valid professional, who avoids his hair to break, burn or ruin due to the high degree of oxygenation, the process that lightens the hair.

Useful tips

The trendiest blond of 2019 is cold and shows the dark roots in evidence. Obtaining it is simple, if one turns to a qualified salon and a highly professional hairstylist. Here are some useful tips for those who want beautiful and clear hair:

  • pay attention to your base: the warmer and darker it is, the harder it is to lighten the tips. Always rely on expert advice
  • absolutely avoid DIY products: the blond is always a delicate subject, and the risk of creating a mess of color and ruining the hair is high!
  • avoid gathering the hair too often, the rubber bands risk ruining them
  • consult Instagram: it is full of ideas and suggestions for a blond top!
  • avoid lightening already damaged hair: first they must be repaired

All that remains is to try it!


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