Blond hair color 2020, all colors and shades

Blond hair color 2020, all colors and shades

Here are all the types of blond you will wear in 2020: from winter to summer the best images of cuts of colors and shades for blond hair, because the blond’s ways are endless.

Let’s face it: blonde hair will never pass, never in fashion. At least once in a lifetime, we all probably go through the desire for a blonde color to change our look. Is this happening to you too?

We have gathered the latest news in terms of cut and color: take a look at the new trends in color and shades of blonde hair, and remember that blonde colors should be done by expert hands, who know how to treat your hair with care and aesthetic taste. taking into account the shape of the face, the complexion and also the frequency with which you are willing to return to the salon to “update” your nuances, from platinum, to gold, to honey!

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Honey blonde hair

Ideal for any type of haircut from long to short, the shade of monochromatic, golden, coppery, light or shaded honey honey is one of the new hair color trends of the year. Here is a beautiful honey blonde shade made with Goodwell dyes.

This iridescent honey-blond (honey melt) by Paul Mitchell is simply spectacular. It is not easy to find someone who can make it up to you, but you can always get close … especially if you have very long hair like these.

Here are some beautiful nuances that transform long smooth hair into a honey flow: it starts from a shade of darker blond and gradually lightens on the tips and towards the neck area.

Dark blonde

A natural uniform dark blond can be very sophisticated and elegant, but better if lit by a warm tint like this L’Oreal Professionnel follayage color.

One of the hair trends of 2020 is this undefinable, modern, natural yet practically impossible-to-find shade of blond: it is a dark blonde sloping down with subtle shades of gold and we will see it around more and more.

See how the dark blonde root enhances, in contrast, the lighter lengths: here the light is not distributed around the face, as is often seen, rather the locks with a deeper tone are left in the foreground.

Ash blond

Wella treats a brown base turning it towards the ash blond with an effect that really makes them look like natural blonde hair, chapeau!

A classic color is this type of ash blond, but to avoid the monochromatic effect a game of contrasts between light and dark shades is better.

Gold blond color

The vintage bowl cut made for the Ralph and Russo fashion shows is an absolute celebration of the brightest gold blond: a smooth and strong hair and the right styling products will enhance a warm shade so full.

French elegance for this golden blonde highlighted by beige-toned balayage.

Fabio Salsa calls it Balayage Soleil: more and less clear golden shades give the hair reflections of straw, with points of light on the tips accentuated by the waves.

Light blond hair

If you have to get blonde, you probably want it to be noticed: the lighter shades without trespassing on the blond ice are among the most popular.

On a medium cut like this, the cold light blond is perfect. It seems “easy”, but the nuances created by the colorist are very careful and avoid the “platinum ice” effect.

For the Aldo Coppola salons are the warm tones that illuminate the face, with shades of champagne blond.

Here are the right dyed blond hair, with the clear cold blond that stands out from the roots and enhances one of the most comfortable short cuts you can try.

Are you looking for new blond haircuts but not too light, with a color never seen before? Check out this blond popcorn conceived by Salvo Filetti. The bob at the height of the chin with a side stripe definitely enhances it.

Platinum blonde

Platinum is the artificial blonde par excellence, it gives an idea of care for oneself since it cannot be neglected and can really transform a person’s appearance.

Let’s talk about short blond hair: a platinum head like this is something that will never go out of style! Ordered the cut, very accurate the color, be careful not to spoil the effect with too heavy a make-up.

Very light hair like these are not for everyone, but if you have the right complexion don’t let this cold platinum escape you with accents of nuances full of light (and style).

Ash roots, platinum lengths: this is a combination of color that revolutionizes the classic idea of blonde color.

Among the new trendy fashion show cuts, the coloring also looks good: a very interesting platinum point, with shades that are not seen on all the heads.

2020 copper blond

Is there anything more fascinating than coppery reflections? You don’t always have to give up the tone of your own base to show off this color in all its forms. This color, for example, has a bronde base illuminated by copper blonde shades.

Here is a nice point of a slightly coppery blonde, really special. Also suitable for redheads who want to switch to the blonde side of strength, without losing their identity at all.

The copper blond can also be light, here is the interpretation of the L’Oreal haircolorists.

Blond hair shades 2020

There are cases where the real peculiarity, rather than the blond point or the cut, is the way in which the nuances between different blondes are realized. Here are some examples from the light and dark blond of Aldo Coppola.

Ombre gold blonde and balayage for these long wavy hair with light brown base. The final effect is super glam.

All the competence of Ahn Co Tran for a crown that mixes the ash blond with warmer light shades, without excesses.

Sand beige blonde shades make it very good on a chestnut hair. Here the Revlon hair colorists show how the final effect is less artificial and natural.

The distribution of the gradations is really special in this long cut with a full Kemon bangs: they heat up on the tips all around the face creating a remarkable effect.

Here the contrast is stretched to the maximum: starting from a brown base, the locks gradually lighten from the center of the head towards the tips, until they become a platinum blonde that renders very well in medium hairstyles like this asymmetrical bob.

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We have already seen it, but it does not end: the very dark roots on a visual level create volume and consistency. Works on short cuts, on medium lengths like this …
… but also on long blond hair, as you can see: here the contrast between almost black roots and platinum crown is further enriched thanks to the golden nuances.

The technique you see is called geode hair and works on roots that tend more to dark tones and light reflections that “expand” towards the outside; it is difficult to describe it, it is done first to admire it in photos and perhaps directly in the head (Claude Tarantino)!

Schwarzkopf hair stylers to achieve this “blended blonde” effect on the hair before applying the color. The contrast of tones is strong and wants to remember those bright blondes that are seen only on children (to get them, the word to say to the hairdresser is babylights).

The newest proposals for short, medium and long blond hair are all here, and they will come again: come back to peek from time to time!


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