Bleach your hair at home | Fantastic result without hairdresser

Bleach your hair at home

Find out how to bleach your hair with DIY, tips to get an excellent result without excessively new hair.

Here is the technical definition of hair bleaching, the procedure that allows us to deprive the hair of its natural color by lightening it.

Many women love this type of treatment that allows you to create stunning colors and shades of all kinds. It is a pity, however, that it is often ignored how the bleaching process also determines changes in the structural and elastic properties of the hair. Damaging the hair is therefore a more than concrete risk, to be debunked not only by correctly carrying out the bleaching procedure but also by taking particular care of the hair in the period following the execution of the work.

But is bleaching the hair a job exclusively for the hairdresser? We believe not.

Bleach the hair without help from the hairdresser

If you want to turn your jet black into a platinum blonde, the advice is of course not to go into dangerous DIY workings but, in the case of more affordable goals, discoloration at home is a more than feasible job.

The first step will consist in obtaining the essential material for the job. The first necessary tools are hydrogen peroxide and bleach. The first is a product based on hydrogen peroxide, which, mixed with bleaching sachets, allows you to oxidize the hair pigments, thus depriving them of their color. The hydrogen peroxide exists in different volumes which indicate the lower or higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide: if the hair is already light, it is possible to choose an oxygenated water from 10 to 20 volumes, if instead the base is dark, it is necessary to opt for one with 30 or 40 volumes. The volumes are then chosen according to the level of discoloration to be obtained.

Other tools that you will need are a towel (choose the one to which the least, the most ruined that you will eventually throw away without too many regrets) and a pair of gloves, the use of which is nothing short of essential.

Now you are ready to proceed.

How to bleach your hair?

The first step will consist in mixing bleach and hydrogen peroxide following the respective instructions on the package.

Once this is done, apply the mixture on the hair that you have previously slightly cottony, a way to help the product penetration and make the bleaching more homogeneous.

The laying times of the bleach will be dictated by the result you want to achieve: the longer the laying lasts the more the hair will lighten. In this regard, we remind you that if you then want to make a light color, such as pastel ones that are so fashionable today, the base must be very clear, almost white.

In fact, bleaching is often a preliminary treatment, a first step to then create special colors: once satisfied with the result, you can rinse and you are ready to give life to the color you like best.

Hard work, don’t you think? It is therefore more than intuitable how, even in the case of a workmanlike execution, the hair will then need very careful care.

Even before dyeing it is advisable to apply a restructuring and very nourishing mask, which you will then periodically carry out. We had also recommended various DIY masks such as those based on eggs or yogurt for this purpose.

Also applying after each shampoo restructuring oils and nourishing products, especially on the length, will be of great help.

Are you ready to go to work then? Bleaching your hair could be much easier than you think as long as you scrupulously follow the directions provided: start with low volume hydrogen peroxide so as not to risk too quickly and then, slowly, you will become more and more practical. The result certainly will not disappoint you!


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