Biotin: everything about the hair wellness supplement


Biotin is a vitamin found in many multivitamin supplements taken to give immediate health to your hair: here are all the details.

Biotin hair: what is it and what are the benefits?

The biotin multivitamin supplement consists of a complex of vitamins H, B7 or coenzyme R which has an important function in the regulation of the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Taking biotin in a hair supplement can help prevent baldness, thinning hair, the appearance of gray hair and rebalance the production of sebum. When combined with a healthy and balanced diet, this product can really make the difference to your hair.

Being a supplement it is best to seek advice from your doctor before taking it. Otherwise, you can take biotin not from supplements, but from foods such as lean meats, eggs, liver, yeast, milk, cauliflower, mushrooms and beans.

However, the dose of this vitamin should not exceed 20 mg per day, even if there are no studies that speak of effects caused by excessive intake.

Does biotin for hair work?

Vitamin H is certainly good for the body and helps strengthen the hair and reduce the causes of thinning over time.
Studies done on animals have given excellent results and it is precisely for this reason that the biotin supplement for hair is so widespread.

Reading the reviews of those who have used this product, it really seems that the biotin has miraculous effects on the hair. Not infrequently, on the market, there are supplements also mixed with other vitamins that can help in maintaining healthy nails, hair and skin.

Some studies confirm the efficacy of biotin in rebalancing the production of sebum; in fact, it was useful to combat pimples, seborrheic dermatitis and for Leiner’s disease (which affects the skin of newborns).

How to use and doses of biotin

Biotin intake should be prescribed by a doctor: it is a supplement that may interact with other medicines. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid biotin intake. In capsules, as a supplement, the hair biotin should be taken in the times and in the ways indicated on the package, respecting the recommended dosages.


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