Best Short Curly Haircuts for Men

short curly haircuts for men

Whether you’re looking for short curly haircuts for men or something more suited to curly locks, the possibilities when it comes to working with a kinky head of hair are pretty boundless. Need a little inspiration? Here are some of the best and most popular short curly haircuts for men. Curly hair is a little bit hard for men especially the mens who are like straight hair. I will suggest two haircuts models.

Suggesting Haircuts

One of them is Curly Undercut. The cut is take short back and sides to the extreme and let the volume do the talking. This style is great for adding a bit of height and slimming down your face. To achieve the look, use a high-grade clipper for the back and sides but keep a longer length on top. Easily one of the handiest haircuts for men with curly hair. The other one is Curly Comb Over or Side Part. This haircut is The curly side part works just as well on wavy, thicher hair as it would with straight hair. Ask your barber to trim your hair shorter down each side and leave a long length on top. To make things even easier, we’d advise getting a hard part bladed in to save you heaps of time in the morning.

How to Style

For cury undercuts, Dry hair from roots the up using a hairdryer to lift the hair upwards and backwards. Once dry, rub some pomade through your hands and rub lightly through your hair to keep your curls neat and glossy.For side part, As with the curly undercut, dry hair from roots up using a vent brush to lift the hair but pull up and to the side instead of backwards. Use your hands to style hair to one side. Once dry, rub a wax through the hair for hold and a natural shine.


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