Best Practices of Care for Curly Hair

Care for Curly Hair

The biggest wishes of people with curly hair are to have a smooth hair because it is easier to maintain. Curly hair tends to dry out and usually needs attention. Curly hair has a structure that is sensitive to harmful effects. Therefore, when the curly hair is wet, it should be treated with great care. Once you have washed your hair, do not stand up with a towel. First, wrap your hair around the courtyard lightly and wait for the towel to draw excess water. Use a sparse comb to straighten your hair.

Special Care Oils for Curly Hair

Curled hair is the hair that needs to be given the utmost care when the hair is being treated. For curly hair there is no term for over-normal care. Shampoo and rinse products containing Shea oil, Jojoba oil or Macadamia oil will make your curly hair look good and make your curly hair look brighter and more beautiful.

Tips for Curly Hair

⦁ You dry your hair naturally. Drying with curling hair with fencing machine will cause more damage to your hair. Alternatively, you can use your frying machine at low heat levels.

⦁ You hardly ever use a tong. Plain knots are damaging to curly hair. If you need to use it, use it from care products that protect your hair against heat before you use it, then use a flat mash.

⦁ Cutting your curly hair into soft folds will give your curls a different elasticity. But do not forget a little trick here. Do not forget that you can not cut the top of your hair too short. Otherwise, that horrible “Fino” image appears.

⦁ You want to have natural trendy looking hair. Here is a little tip; foam your dry hair a little and take a thick coat of hair and wrap it in a spiral with hairdressing foil. Hold your curly hair for a few minutes and then wait for it to cool down. After the cold, remove the hairdresser papers and give your hair with the shape you want. Do not try to shape with the brush.

⦁ After washing with shampoo, scan your hair flatly by pressing your hair. After the scan, spray a little bit. Then let it dry naturally. In this way you will get natural and less complex curls.

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