Best Long Haircuts 2018

Long Haircuts 2018

Long hair has the advantage of making us look very feminine, but after some time we usually get bored of seeing ourselves always the same. So if you are looking for long haircuts 2018, we will show you some suggestions that are trend and can help you to renew your appearance a bit.

Finding the right cut style for our face shape and hair type can be difficult. Long hair can be a simple option but it can be very monotonous, so you should play with your creativity.

Layered long hair

Long hair is undoubtedly a very feminine and charming style for the eyes, but every so often it needs a renovation. One of the options that never goes out of style is the layers. They can be used on the front or on the whole head and they add volume and definition. In recent years there are many techniques to perform them, for example, can be cut at an angle, to give more movement and naturalness to the hair.

With the layers you will undoubtedly have volume and more movement, but you must choose the best style for your type of hair and thus be able to create a great impact. If you have a lot of hair or thickness, you can ask the stylist to do what is known as a paraded or degrafted, to remove some volume.

Using layers in the front will give you additional appeal. It will give you enough volume, being a very fun and fashionista look.

Few layers can be one of the methods to preserve hair length and ease hair weight.

The layers look fabulous in the hair with waves or curly. In all fashion runways this messy hairstyle is used. To achieve this you can use tools such as curling iron or iron and good quality products to protect from heat. You can keep your wavy natural or create a wavy hair with mousse.

It is also important that you keep it healthy, nourished and bright.

Straight tips

This is another of the trends that began to see last year, and this year is still seeing. In the lower part, the hair has straight ends.

Deformed or degrafted

These cuts are perfect for wave or curly hair, as they frame the face in a very beautiful way.

With bangs

Long hair with bangs can be a refined frame for our face, in addition to giving us a more youthful appearance. The different options in bangs that currently gain popularity, are presented in a wide variety of styles, so finding the style that accompanies our characteristics is much easier.

The personality and texture of the hair are just some of the factors to consider when selecting the perfect bangs design. However, the most important starting point is still the shape of your face.

Side bangs

For those who have a round face, this type of bangs is most flattering, as a defined angle sharpens the face a bit.

It is also very flattering for those with curly or wavy hair, thanks to the fact that these long strands on one side of the face are easy to mold.

Straight bangs

This type of bangs are a perfect frame for oval or long faces, adapting better in those that present a smooth hair texture. It is also very advantageous for those with a broad front, it is perfect to create the illusion of a perfectly proportioned face.

Help to get a super feminine image.

Curtain bangs

Another option is the curtain bangs, that is, on both sides of the face.

In addition to the great popularity they have acquired, the bangs give our look a great versatility, as they are ideal to accompany both casual hairstyles and elegant and sophisticated. And in many cases they serve to hide a broad forehead and a wide variety of defects that we can have on our face, such as scars, wrinkles or acne.

It is also an ideal alternative for those seeking to benefit from a more youthful and stylish look. You can choose from a wide variety of proposals in different lengths and shapes.

What you should keep in mind is to analyze the shape of bangs chosen, and how it is worn with the shape of your face and hair texture. Since not all bangs are favorable in round, oval, square or heart faces, and not all people have to highlight or disguise the same characteristics of their face.

With curls

For very curly hair, the cut in layers is the most appropriate. They can also remove volume with a graffle.

For round face

It is recommended a cut in layers, with side bangs and a smooth parade on the face.

Loose and with soft waves can be ideal for round faces. The curls and waves are always fashionable, they are very sexy, they exude femininity and allow you to wear them in an angelic or very sensual style.

Keep in mind the shape of your face when choosing to wear curls or waves. If you have an oval-shaped face the tightest curls will look great, while looser waves or curls are appropriate for women with round faces.

It is important to create this type of waves around the face, to be framed.

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