Best hair dryers: The Top List 2019

Hair dryers

Can’t you just do without a hair dryer? Discover the best 7 of 2019 also used by hairdressers and industry professionals

We often tend to underestimate the importance of the appliances we use more often, or better, we realize their usefulness when they suddenly break down. Think of the overheated hair dryer that suddenly goes off: this happens when electrical appliances are worn out, but also when the purchase has not been evaluated in the best way.

What could be the best hair dryer for you and your hair? Here is our ranking of the 7 best products that can do for you.

1. Parlux Advance Light

Lightweight, ergonomic and silent dryer. A professional hair dryer that guarantees perfect drying and soft hair in a short time. Perfect for short, long or scaled hair, but also for curly hair with envy. The only weak point is the non inclusion of the supplied speaker.

2. BaByliss 6611E Pro Silence

A product with modern lines and a minimalist design, a super silent dryer, with 6 different settings to adjust the temperature and speed to your liking. Equipped with a special technology to release negative ions, which moisturize your hair making it shinier and softer. The motor is AC type, with a power of 2200 watts and is recommended for semi-professional use. The disadvantage is the uncompetitive price.

3. Dyson Supersonic

A bold and futuristic design, this hair dryer has a very intelligent control for air diffusion on the hair: an encapsulated thermistor that allows to constantly measure the emitted temperature processed by a microprocessor that regulates the flow to guarantee perfect drying. It is the lightest hair dryer on the market, but also one of the most expensive.

4. Philips HP8232 / 00 Thermo Protect Ionic

A good quality hairdryer, simple and elegant, also includes the possibility to select the Thermo protect mode, allowing a more delicate drying of the hair. There is also a button for cold air to fix the fold. Also provided with an ionizer that allows to counteract the phenomenon of electrostaticity that gives rise to the frizz effect.

5. Imetec Salon Expert P4 2500

Characterized by a professional AC motor, this hair dryer has a power of 2000 W. It has an attached professional finger diffuser that allows you to better manage curly hair. A hair dryer also praised by professional hairdressers.

6. Remington D5000 travel hair dryer

One of the best sellers of this year is the wireless travel dryer with eco technology. Equipped with a removable rear grille and 3-speed / 2-speed power adjustment, this hairdryer guarantees excellent hairstyles, despite the absence of the advantages of a hairdryer with more powerful watts.

7. Braun Satin Hair 5 Powerperfection HD580

An economic product, but no less functional than others. Easy to handle, it dries very quickly and reduces frizz on the hair. Perfect for those with straight hair, this dryer is also convenient to carry in the gym bag if more accurate drying is expected, even if not as professional as for more expensive models.


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