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Hair: The 13 Best Cuts with Bangs of 2019


Hair with bangs 2019. Short, long, scaled or tufted. Here are the new trends.

Already in vogue from last season, here comes the bangs as a new trend hair of the moment. Now you go climbing, parade, tufted, curved or even asymmetrical and there is also a very short or long bangs.

Here in 13 images which are the new and best types of bangs 2019 that renew the look even without cutting the hair.

And for those who want to try: there is always the fake bangs option as it often uses Bella Hadid.

Who is the bangs good for?

There are different types of bangs, to choose the right one in addition to the shape of the face must also consider the type of hair and age, because the short bangs Merkel is fine only to the German chancellor. So let’s see how to bring a nice bangs from 20 to 50 years or more.

Long and tufted bangs 2019

The long bangs have an advantage: there is a style for every age and for every haircut, from the long to the new short cuts of the moment that see protagonists all the hair scaled with inspiration punk and rock as in this proposal view on Instagram. Here the layered cut is enhanced by the platinum blond color of Alpaparf Milano, while the bangs and longer lateral climb. Ideal for a young face.

A round face can be enhanced instead by a long bangs with a tuft on a short hair behind and long in front, here’s how.

An easy way to renew the medium cut is to bring the smooth parade bangs to contrast with the wavy hair. This is how Jean Louis David proposes them with an ideal hairstyle for fine hair.

They are smooth and medium instead with long bangs a little ‘awning, those proposed by the Italian salons of Compagnia Della Bellezza.

They are good to those who are young and those over 40 have all the hair cuts with bangs climbing side.

Hair with bangs is worn when young and mature, it’s just a matter of style. In this recent picture, Maye Musk, mother of the millionaire Elon and top model of the moment, proves this well.

Hair with bangs, those seems

In addition to the many bangs climbed for the winter of 2019 there are also those full and pare. This yoke with long and full bangs is a hairstyle in perfect 90s style created on a dark brown base illuminated by slightly lighter reflections. To have a head like this, you need a nice strong hair and the ability of the hairdresser to keep them in the fold.

Hairstyles with full bangs and long hair are not lacking, offers them in mahogany red Biguine Paris for the winter collection.

Among the types of bangs 2019 there is no shortage for curly and wavy hair. There are natural hairstyles to handle at home and the most glamorous ones with a retro style but which require the fold from the hairdresser.

Short bangs and para

They give a very young face all the short bangs and it seems on long hair as well as on medium-short cut. Here is the example that comes from the street style of Paris.

As you have seen among the types of grangia 2019 there is a style suitable for all, now you just have to choose between bangs or hair combed without bangs.

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