5 bangs for each type of face; choose yours according to the shape of your face


When you want a change of look the first thing you think about is to change the color or make a bangs, but although this last option seems the best is not always correct because not all have the same type of contour on the face.

Although the bangs works to frame the face, if it is cut improperly it can make everything end in disaster, for example, if you have a round face and cut it straight, it is very likely that you will be able to highlight your cheeks. In case you do not know what type of bangs goes well with you, here are some suggestions.

Oval face

To balance the roundness and length of the oval face, you can try to make a completely straight bangs. Besides the attention goes to the center of your face, it will also make you look thinner.

Heart face

The heart-shaped face usually ends in a pointed chin, so you can choose whether to highlight this feature or hide it. If you want to show the angles of your face then you should make a short bangs, as it will focus attention on your chin. But if you want to soften the angles, then you should opt for a long bangs with layers, this way you will add curves to the top of your face.

Square face

For square faces, a bangs that is like a curtain is ideal: the one that touches the eyebrows, the eyelashes and the cheeks usually looks like a veil. In this way when you hold your hair in a ponytail you can make the “square” of the face soften.

Round face

The medium and signed bangs work very well for round faces. This type of bangs has to overlap the eyes and eyebrows, so when you comb with a ponytail becomes the highlight of the face instead of its roundness.

All kinds of faces

The bangs inclined to one side is the best of all, since it goes to any type of face, it is also flattering because you can wear it with short, long, straight or Chinese hair.

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