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Bangs 2019: photos and trends


The bangs is one of the trends within the fashion of haircuts that never disappears. There are many types and styles that can be chosen, but we must choose it according to our type of face, hair type and personal style, otherwise you can completely ruin your image. You must use the bangs in your favor, to highlight the best qualities of your face and correct the defects.

Today we present the main trends in bangs for 2019, so you can start the year with a modern and flattering look. In order to wear a hairstyle with a lot of personality, check out the following options.

Open bangs or curtain

One of the great ways to wear bangs, is the curtain style. And we present it to you in several alternatives, so that you can choose the one you are going to take. This option is very flirtatious and has a lot of versatility.

It looks great with both short and long hair. It adapts well to all styles of hairstyle and looks good even when the hair is very straight or slightly wavy. It is also easy to keep and wear, you can choose short at the height of the eyebrows or covering them, although it does not look very short, so if you want a very short bangs do not choose the curtain style.

It looks great when combined with long party hairstyles, because it relaxes the image.

Side Bangs

This style is a very good decision because they are very easy to style. They also go well with all types of face and work with bows, ponytail or loose hair. If your face is round, it will lengthen your face. Try to avoid it if you have a long front or a long face.

The bangs had a few years ago a new takeoff in the world of fashion, which managed to leave them here for many more seasons. Nowadays, bangs are already predicted as one of the most outstanding hairstyles and haircuts for the 2019 season.

Long bangs alongside

While the proposals in bangs are wide, some of the most popular this season propose long side bangs passing the line of the eyes.

They are ideal for those who are looking for a more youthful image; as well as it can also be a perfect ally for those who seek to cover imperfections such as wrinkles, scars or a broad forehead.

Patterned bangs

It is good for round or oval faces and is a great solution for those who do not have thick hair. If you want to disguise a sharp chin, angular jaws or a large forehead, this bangs is perfect for you. It fits well with short, medium and long hair.

Girls who have curly hair can cut some curls that are curled to the sides or on the forehead. They can also iron their bangs forward or with stripe on the side. The contrast can look great very well and achieve a beautiful image.

The bangs can be ideal for, in addition to achieving in its face a refined frame, adding texture and definition to the hair.

They are a good option for those with curly hair.

Straight bangs

This style of bangs is perfect for oval faces and at the same time can hide imperfections such as a large nose or broad forehead. It has a widening effect on narrow faces. This style usually goes well straight without any angles and you should probably use a hair straightener.

With long hair or short hair, straight bangs are the guarantee of being fashionable with a very flattering and modern style. In addition to favoring all faces are easier to maintain than others such as the side that does not adapt to all hair textures. And although some would think that the bangs of the second superior image is more inclined it is actually a rectum that flirts with being semi-disheveled.

You can wear it very straight (it’s when you look smarter), but you can also wear it in slightly wavy hair, although you have to admit that there you might not look so defined. In both cases, as you see in the upper and lower image, they look great.

They look fabulous if you have wavy hair and straight and straight bangs like the model in the upper image and also if you’re totally lacy, so do not be afraid to let yourself be seen with these great bangs  styles.

Short bangs

This option is perfect for small, round or oval faces. If you have a short forehead, this bangs will help your forehead look longer. It can be used very matched or frayed to look more rebellious and should be used on straight hair.

For short hair, you can choose thick models or models a little more sparse, which achieve very interesting results.

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