Babylight: what is it and how to make it?


Have you ever tried Babylight? The new hairstyle trend suitable for blondes, blackberries and reds that creates natural streaks that illuminate the hair

The new 2019 fashion is definitely the Babylight: the streaks that illuminate the hair in a very natural way. It is, in fact, a new technique as well as fashion, whose main peculiarities are to give brilliance, delicacy and naturalness to the hair: it comes from overseas, like all the great trends, and has already depopulated on the social networks of the celebrities of the moment.

The so-called babylight is nothing more than a set of very delicate and natural shades, suitable for blackberries and blondes, both on long and short hair, which recreate the lightening effect of the sun on children’s hair.

This technique clearly gives a very natural effect, almost not artificial at all: there is much less detachment than the classic streaks, as it is very delicate highlights, one or maximum two tones lighter than the original color.

How to make Babylight?

These are highlights that follow the classic balayage technique: different reflections are created on the locks, which are worked one by one to create an effect that is as natural as possible, graduated and bright.

These blonde streaks, very trendy throughout 2019, can also be made only in specific points, such as the fringe and the tips for a “sun kissed” effect that will certainly not go unnoticed. The end result is certainly very delicate and spontaneous, nothing to do with sharp and excessive contrasts such as those produced by shatush.

These blonde highlights require a very expert hand, an in-depth study of the characteristics of the hair and of the color, above all to best enhance the tone on tone, without creating too strong and unnatural contrasts.

The coloring of the year, the babylight streaks, requires work of great precision by those who perform the job: the hair, in fact, must be separated into very fine strands and only the selected ones must be lightened with care. By doing so, the hair will take on the natural effect of a child’s golden hair.

For whom, blackberries or blondes?

Babylights are suitable for everyone, blackberries and blondes. In fact, the first to show off this new trend were celebrities of the caliber of Miranda Kerr, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift.

In addition to blackberries and blondes, even redheads can dare with Babylight reflections, as they give the hair naturalness and shine, with a visibly reviving result.

In addition, blonde streaks can also be performed on a brown hair, giving warm reflections that illuminate the face, especially in winter.

This new trend, therefore, seems to be really suitable for everyone, even for those with short hair, unlike other techniques, such as shatush and shading that seem to be perfect only on medium or long hair.

For the care and maintenance of highlights, it is good to use a specific shampoo that takes care of the hair in depth and which always guarantees a brilliant and natural effect.


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