Baby Bangs: the trend of hair that is dominating; we still do not know whether to love her or hate her

Baby bangs

The bangs that covers your brows is already behind. At least that’s what these celebrities indicate on the red carpet. Celebrities such as Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Alison Sudol and Sofia Boutella decided to start the year with a new look called baby bangs.

This type of bangs was famous in the 60s and 70s, and came back in the 90s, but now only risky girls are able to use it. To wear it on your mane not only you need security, but also you have to have certain facial features to prevent your image from being ruined.

The baby bangs style is back

The ultrashort bangs is back. What makes this haircut special is that most of the forehead and eyebrows are exposed, giving your look a futuristic look.

Dare to use it!

The elongated faces are the ones that best suits this type of bangs, since it does not completely cover the forehead. It is also an ideal cut for heart faces that need to neutralize the width of the forehead, and for ovals that fit any hairstyle.

Choose your favorite version

If you are willing to use a baby bangs you should know its different versions:

The side version

It is the most indicated when you have a hair with waves or curls.

The option of straight and bulky type

It’s good for lavender hair.

The garçon style

It is convenient when it comes to ultrashort hair, pixie type, because it gives a soft closing to the cut.

The parade

For its rocker and grunge air, it goes well with straight hair because it gives volume and a carefully neglected style.

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