Anti-yellow for blond hair: what is it and what is it for?

Anti-yellow for blond hair

The anti-yellow shampoo for blonde hair is a product essential to avoid the yellow tinge from the hair with streaks or highlights here is the details about this beauty product.

The anti-yellow shampoo for blonde hair is an indispensable product especially when switching from a dark color to a lighter shade through a bleaching process. With time, in fact, the shade of the color tends to become yellow-orange, as happens also with natural white hair. To prevent this problem and get rid of it, a professional product is used, once used mostly by hairdressers, fortunately today many shops are available for personal use.

The yellowing of the hair can vary from subject to subject, depending on the base color from which it starts and from other factors, such as exposure to sunlight. Using an anti-yellowing toning, however, the problem no longer exists and it is no longer essential to resort to further bleaching too early, damaging the hair further.

It is clear that this is a special cosmetic product and therefore should be used in the correct way to achieve the desired effect. If you use the anti-yellow on your hair a little too often, you risk getting gray-lilac shades.

How to use anti-yellow hair shampoo

The anti-yellow hair product is used as a normal shampoo, but only once a week. Excessive use, as anticipated, will give the lighter locks a gray-lilac effect. After making a first normal hair shampoo, make a second shampoo with the anti-yellowing shampoo for bleached hair by rubbing the skin and spreading the product over the entire length.

Leaving the product on the hair for a few minutes (the times are indicated on the package) proceed by rinsing well. If you have the habit of using the conditioner you can also follow this step, otherwise you can dry your hair as usual. The result is natural and not at all artificial: the hair appears only brighter and devoid of those orange nuances that not everyone likes. If after using this shampoo you see that your hair is weak, you can resort to a fall treatment so as to reinforce them.

How a hair remover works

The product is creamy and deep purple or at most blue. The working principle of the anti-yellow hair lotion is that of complementary colors in which there are colors that neutralize each other. The complement of the yellow-orange is precisely the blue-violet: for this reason the shampoo has this color. In essence it is, therefore, a toning that gives a slight nuance that remains on the hair for some washing and therefore it must be remade after 10 days or even more often if you wash your hair many times.

After using the product it is good to wash your hands with soap to prevent the color from staining nails, hands, or skin. Attention also to the towels that are then used to pat the hair. Since the shampoo is left in place, it is sometimes also referred to as an anti-yellowing hair mask, especially when the consistency is thicker and does not drip. This product is not harmful to the hair and to the skin because it acts only on the superficial part.

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