Always impeccable with wet-looking hair

wet-looking hair

Wet hair is once again a great trend. The wet look is perfect for any occasion from office to leisure

Wet-look hair is one of the most chic fashions for summer, alongside hair in various shades of pink and lashes with balayage. It is a comfortable and fresh hairstyle. perfect against the heat, but also excellent for always looking impeccable in the office. Here’s what you need to know about wet hair.

Wet look or wet hair

the trend of wet-effect hair continues for the summer, which we see, not by chance, on the catwalk and on the most famous VIPs of our country, but not only. The wet hair effect is a fashion of the nineties that has recently become popular again, in a less rigid way. the wet-effect hair is gel-free and therefore leaves the hair more in motion than at that time. This realization can be done both on straight hair and on curly hairstyles.

The so-called wet hair, in addition to being incredibly fashionable, are also very comfortable against the summer heat and are really made with little and in a simple way. Finally you can do without drying your hair, waiting for hours in the sun or using the hair dryer, which in August is certainly not a pleasant thing.

To give the hair a long-lasting wet effect, it is essential to achieve this hairstyle in a precise manner and using products made for this purpose. Using incorrect ones or not following the rules could give an impression totally opposite to your look, not to mention that the hair could even look dirty.

How are wet hair made?

To achieve this type of hairstyle it is essential to start from the washed head: the hair must in fact be clean. After shampooing, for a perfect result, it is recommended to use a balm rinsing it well, with this they will remain softer.

Once the foliage is washed, proceed with a good infill to eliminate excess moisture. At this point, once the direction of the hair is decided, apply the foam with a comb, combing the hair from the root to the tips or only on the latter, if you want a partial effect.

If the hair is capricious it is still possible to use the gel as in the 90s, but the more modern trend dictates the use of a fixing foam to give greater softness. If you do not want the comb strips, you can place the strands with your fingers.

At the end the work ends by applying a knob of wet-effect hair oil that will give shine to the hair. The game is done, the hair should not be dried in any way, but should be left so natural. Depending on taste, hair can be pulled back or, for example, collected in a ponytail.

Wet wavy hair

The application of the products with the comb in the way described is ideal for wet-smooth hair, but it can also be used for curly bath-effect hair. However, those who have wavy hair or want them, as soon as they leave the sea, can adopt another system of realization: scrunching.

After dabbing the hair, apply the foam a little at a time, passing the whole hair over with your hands, crumbling it with your hair. A final fixative lacquer stroke will give a wet beach-style effect: on the wavy or curly hair the hairstyle will succeed quickly, on the smooth it will take a little patience, but in the end the result will be excellent. In all cases, depending on the needs and the type of technique applied to wet-look hair products of various kinds can be found: foams, oils, gels.

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