29 Reasons why we envy afro hair

Afro hair

Hair is a meeting point among most women. In it lies our identity and the way we want to present ourselves to the world; Whether we have it straight, Chinese, dyed, long, short … It is part of who we are.

And if we agree otherwise, it is that the hair of African-American women fascinates us! Its texture, its rebellion, its personality … It seems to have a life of its own! But many girls have grown up learning to hate their hair and change their texture. Enough of that!

Yes, afro hair is hard to handle

But it’s harder to fight him

Also, why do it?

If it is beautiful!

Largo looks spectacular

And short gives a sexy touch

More if adorned with designs

They can play with the texture

Define the curlers

Leave them disheveled

Or brush them, because even with frizz it looks great

One day they can wear spring Chinese

And the next use them thicker

Chinese + fantasy dye = winning combination!

The rings were made for them

They perfectly master the art of combing baby hairs

There is no limit to your creativity

Also, they are the goddesses of deception

Your hair may seem short, but no!

We envy all your hairstyles

In short, the volume plays in your favor

Sabrina’s Prudence style hairstyle is the best

With braids they look amazing!

Even if they are short

Dreadlocks look like nobody else

They are true Calipsos

Also, they don’t need heat to define their curls

Bandanas are her best friends

Let your hair be free!



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