How to Make Afro Curls at Home?

How to Make Afro Curls at Home?

This sweet hairstyle has been popular for several decades. It is associated both in women and men with romanticism, freedom, adventurism. Such beauty is universal on its basis it is possible to make a lot of packing. To become the owner of a coquettish hairstyle is easy. In the article, we will discuss how to make afro curls yourself and at home, sometimes this kind of curls is also called Brazilian.

When choosing the method of styling, you should pay attention to the first thing about the type of hair.

Straight stiff: Considered the most difficult. Flapping corrugated or tongs can handle them, but time and temperature will have to be selected individually. It is recommended not to set a mark above 220 degrees, do not work with wet hair. Be sure to use the products specifically designed for hot styling.

Direct obedient: Does not require such efforts, as in the previous case. The most important thing is correct preparation. It will be necessary to stock up with shampoo, conditioner and styling products for curly hair. For the formation of curls, forceps, plaits are suitable. The temperature of the latter can be set within 180-200 degrees.

Curly natural: This type is easiest to turn into Afro curls. They will be created by any means and will last longer.

Damaged: This type is worth mentioning separately, since it has its own characteristics. Afro curls will be able to disguise the damaged tips or dryness, but a special approach will be required. Curls should be made evenly, using a cold styling.

Hot styling can damage your hair even more. However, if you want to try this method, it is recommended to use special protection.

How to Make Afro Curls at Home?


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