Adult Bridesmaids Hairstyles: Best ideas ever!


Collected or semi-picked, with braids, chignon and more, here are the photos of the hairstyles for the most beautiful adult bridesmaids!

The role of a bridesmaid is important and therefore we cannot omit the right hairstyle for the wedding of a dear friend or a relative who has given us this honor! The bridesmaid hairstyle must always be decided based on the dress but also on the wedding atmosphere. It must be in harmony with the style and colors chosen by the bride.

Hairstyles For Bridesmaids

A cascade of curls held by a wreath of flowers or hair held sideways by a jewel clasp are ideal hairstyles for large bridesmaids. To achieve a wavy hair and beautiful waves it is sufficient to have a curling iron that transforms straight hair into soft curls. Alternatively you can choose a complete harvest decorated with flowers, ideal for day weddings.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles with Flowers

Simple bridesmaid hairstyles are created with loose hair adorned with white roses, calla lilies, peonies or wild flowers. The flowers are ornaments widely used both on the clothes and in the hairstyles of the bridesmaids. They are often combined with the bride’s bouquet. A crown of fresh flowers, soft curls and a simple side tuft give a romantic look. Alternatively you can use clips with applied fabric flowers, an excellent solution to prevent the flower from getting damaged. These adult bridesmaid hairstyles are perfect for an outdoor wedding, both on the beach and in the garden.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles Side Braid

If you do not like ringlets or prefer a well-tied hair that does not melt with the wind, the fishbone braid or a side braid is for you. A side braid is always visible from the front and enhances the jewelery worn, from the necklace to the earrings.

Harvest Hair for Bridesmaids

The complete harvest is perfect if you fear the heat, but also to highlight the shoulders and the dress with a particular neckline. There are two choices: a simple but extremely elegant harvest or a soft harvest embellished with a jewel or floral clasp. They are suitable for both morning weddings and evening ceremonies.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles with Braid

If you have very long and thick hair, you can opt for particular braids like the herringbone braid or for a simple and soft braid. A timeless classic is the French braid that develops attached to the garment. Another beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle is the Dutch braid also called raised braid because it is in relief. To find out how to create it easily and quickly, follow our tutorial.

Hairstyles for Bridesmaid

The maid of honor is next to the bride for most of the day, so her look must be impeccable. A particularly elegant hairstyle for a maid of honor is the one with a twist and weaving combined with a gathered or semi-collected hairstyle. To make the hairstyle more sophisticated, instead, reward jeweled clasps with pearls or colored gemstones, matching the rest of your look.

Girl Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Hairstyles for girls need to be more casual and less formal. For the youngest, girls and teenagers, we recommend loose natural hairstyles, to be embellished with a headband or a simple floral clip. For older girls, the most beautiful hairstyles remain semi-gathered. The softer “loose” hairstyles are the ideal choice to be refined without taking yourself too seriously.

Long Hair Bridesmaids Hairstyles

There are many hairstyles for long hair. In terms of ceremony hairstyles for the invited, for those with wavy hair we recommend semi-picked hairstyles. Maybe with front locks fixed behind the head with weaves and flower inserts. Loose hairstyles can be easily embellished with jewel clasps and small shiny applications. And to tame the long curls, just use the curling iron and turn them into delicate curls.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles Short Hair

Short cuts allow a less varied choice, but don’t worry. Bridesmaid hairstyles with short hair generally consist of a basic pleat and a headband or precious headband. The pixie cut cuts can be made more elegant by adding a refined crown with floral inserts and pearls.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles Medium Hair

Medium length cuts allow many more elegant solutions. In this case you can ask your hairdresser for a high or low-cut hairstyle on the nape, with a twist, knots or a very classic bun. Don’t underestimate the importance of hair accessories. The right jewel clasp, combined with the dress, can really make a difference in your look.

Bridesmaid Hairstyles

A classic in terms of wedding hairstyles remains the low chignon. It is synonymous with style and elegance regardless of the occasion. But for a wedding, you can also request a more complex version, with braids and voluminous ringlets fixed behind the head. If you are looking for DIY hairstyles ideas for bridesmaid, you will find many solutions in the photos below. From semi-crops with side and back locks left free to braid hairstyles, the choice is very varied.

Adult Bridesmaid Hairstyle with Headband

If the simple harvest doesn’t convince you, bet on other hair accessories. The small circle, for example, has the merit of being decorative but also practical, because it will hold tufts and bangs. Small points of light of various shapes, from stars to hearts to spheres give brightness to a loose or semi-simple combing.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles Wavy or Curly Hair

Looking for hairstyles for curly hair? If you love hairstyles with fluffy hair, choose hairstyles with ridges and big hair. You can opt for a tail or a high chignon, or for hairstyles with more elaborate braids. To those who have very wavy hair, we recommend combing them in ringlets and gathering them behind the head in a refined semi-harvest. A side jewel brooch will give the look a very elegant touch.

Semi Harvested Bridesmaid Hair

The seeds collected for the damsel have a very feminine and refined style. If you have the long tuft, you can have it tiled and fixed on one side of the head, or have it combed in delicate curls to let fall on the sides of the face. Very beautiful hairstyles with large curls alternated with braids. But you can also opt for a semi-collected tail, especially if you have long and voluminous hair.

Beautiful hairstyles for the bridesmaids of the bride, thanks above all to the many hair accessories that make the difference. Which is your favorite among those proposed? Let us know your opinion!


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