7 New Medium Scaled Haircuts

Medium haircuts 2020

How to wear hair in 2020? Here are the photos of the best medium cuts climbed and paraded. Look at these pictures and find the haircut you would like to have.

The half size fits everyone, that’s why you should focus on the new medium cuts, Bob lob and medium short cuts scaled or paraded to give lightness, they are the ones to choose to renew your look in 2020 especially if you have a mature face, if instead you have a young face the medium cut enhances the eyes and features.

Here you have seven photos and seven solutions from the best salons to choose from, from the cut at shoulder height to the medium-short one. Here’s how to wear medium scaled hair and pulled out in 2020.

The new bob cut

There are a thousand variations of this hairstyle, but in the end it always comes back to personalization. The task of a good hairstilyst is to choose among the many cuts that best suit the hair and the shape of the face. This for example is a declination of the degradè cut with longer locks on the front that give a different look to the usual yoke.

However bob is not synonymous with straight hair, look for example this medium short scaled cut with bangs is a variation of the revisited French haircut.

Medium cuts the scaled lob

The lob is the medium cut at shoulder height, it is worn smooth and curly. A good hairdresser manages to make a scaled cut without emptying the hair too much. Among the most famous names there is Anh Co Tran which with its scaling technique manages to give volume even to a head with thin hair.

The classic lob that you see everywhere is what you see in the photo, light scaling and wavy locks worked with a hair straightener. The color here is very important as you see the roots are darker while the tips illuminate the crown.

Medium scaled short haircuts

The short medium likes, and you can make nice wavy or smooth styling, in addition to the possibility of tying the hair. Let’s see the best cuts.

In Italy we have very good hair stylists just think of the famous cuts of Aldo Coppola who has been able to conquer a VIP audience thanks to a type of haircut in addition to hairstyles. Hairstyles like this cut come out of the new cuts of the coppola salons on a scaled crown enhanced by champagne blonde shades.

Salvo Filetti is no less famous than the well-known Hair Stilyst of “Tutto Fatto”. In this photo Fillets beyond the cut, demonstrates how to find the perfect brown enhances light and dark complexions, all enhanced by a modern scaled cut with a tuft.

Medium cuts scaled with bangs

The long-fashioned or even full bangs that are back in fashion can sometimes be a solution to give volume to those with fine hair. Look at this cut intentionally scaled behind. Here the hairdresser thanks to the bangs manages to give the illusion of a head with voluminous hair despite thin hair.

Now you just have to go to the hairdresser and decide with him which scaled or marched haircut is right for you. In the meantime, take a look at the hair and haircuts section to find out all the fashion trends.


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