+60 Haircuts with bangs 2019

Haircuts with bangs 2019

The bangs are still preferred by many girls and they come back renewed this 2019. So if they favor you and you like them, you can choose between many options. The trends bet on the straight bangs and it is carried in different lengths, on the eyebrows, very short or half height. You decide on the length, the bangs comes as short or as long as you want.

We have prepared some ideas and photos for you to choose or to inspire you on how to cut it and how to take it. And as we have said, there are different styles for different hair and long hair textures.

Very short bangs

We would like to break with the trends that we usually see every day and highlight the good results that are achieved through a very short bangs. Regardless of the type of cut you use, this style has a lot to give, contributing from a very sweet and naive image, or quite the contrary, giving a very sensual and seductive style.

On the eyebrows

This style is for those who look for the most provocative and sensual model, a straight bangs, thick, over the eyebrows, with little volume. The same is striking and insinuating, but above all things, can achieve according to how we wear, an extremely elegant, but can also achieve dramatic aspects, relaxed or just youthful.

Cuts with long bangs

This bangs is one of the most popular, since it is very versatile. To transform the image quickly, this cut of bangs long and frayed, allows us to easily clear the face. When we want to remove it from our face, simply making a line at the side, we achieve a change of look, leaving the whole face uncovered.

A long, slightly straight bangs with a wavy mane is a great choice. As easy to maintain as it is to carry.

Open bangs or curtain

This is a variant that is also fashionable. The stepped bangs is cut on both sides of the face, making a gradient reduction, so that the longer tips reach the cheeks, as in this example.

Cuts with bangs on side

No doubt that if you are one of those with a more rounded face, because this cut, undeniably will be perfectly on your face, regardless of the color of it, since as you will see, both the blondas, as the brunettes, chestnuts and redheads , they get good results.

For those women who do not like having to deal with their hair every day, this is a very natural option in which the hair fits easily and naturally.

Haircuts with bangs and layers

There are many versions and you can adapt them to your lifestyle, your personal taste, hair texture and length. If you like your hair with bangs now is your chance to wear it. The bangs in recent seasons has been present in all types of cuts, especially in hair with layers.

This image shows us how to wear a mane with volume, but discreet and elegant. Let the soft curves flow, both in the bangs, and to the sides.

Straight bangs

Choosing a cut of this type is undoubtedly one of the smartest ways to start 2019, since it is a sexy, provocative and modern hairstyle that also allows a wide range of hairstyles. Next we will see some ideas for straight bangs, that you could take into account to look for your own style.

It is important to appreciate the difference between the common lock type bangs and this one that clearly gives more volume to the face and that does not fit all of us, so it is important to see the images and consult with our hairdresser, to know which option is more recommended for our face.

Bangs for curly hair

You can also wear a bangs if you have wavy or curly hair like these beautiful models. You can bet on the slightly disheveled ones that are worn with a slightly rebellious look.

But you must also take into account the rest of the hair. Some choose to keep volume uniformly throughout the hair. Others prefer to decrease that dimension and that the hair fall to the sides and back, in layers.

What bangs should I use according to the shape of the face

There is no doubt that if there is a trend that has come with force in recent years as regards hair, is the incorporation of bangs in the most diverse styles. But to join trends in a way that is positive for us, it is important to adapt them to our characteristics, especially when it comes to aesthetics. That is why you should choose the bangs according to the characteristics of your face. Keep in mind that you should try to make your face look as oval as possible, and with this premise in mind, you should stylize it in the most appropriate way for you.

  • Round faces – If you are a girl with a round face and you want to join this trend, you should have a long and light bangs style, in layers, to one side and not too short, that reaches the cheeks; since these characteristics allow the face to look more elongated.
  • Square faces – For this style of faces on the other hand, the best option is the strong and dense bangs, but you must take care that the length of the same does not exceed the height of the eyebrows, so that in addition to allowing you to enjoy a beautiful aesthetic , also allow to be comfortable.
  • Oval Face – For this type of face, one of the best options without a doubt is the bangs in a slightly triangular and not so dense shape. It should be longer on the sides.
  • Face heart – To accompany this style of face, the best option is to cut a blunt layer of frayed hair and comb it to one side. This will make the forehead look smaller, and consequently, the face will look more oval.

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