6 Ways to keep your new hair tone for longer; Forget about retouching!

Keep Your Hair tone for longer

The changes of look became a basic style and are used not only the cuts, but also the hair coloring. A process that certainly is not without difficulties if we take into account that there are hundreds of combinations of color and textures at the time of doing it.

Although the results are incredible, dyeing hair requires time, money and special care, because the coloration usually disappears in a few days. To avoid this, there are some tricks that prolong the brightness and intensity of your dye for a longer time.

Do not wash it often

The most you should wash your hair is three times a week, why? Simple: water wash the dye faster, especially if you use the wrong products. Opt for dry shampoo for the days of rest of the water. This product will help you eliminate hair grease and reduce frizz.

Use a special shampoo

For those days when you wash your hair, use a shampoo for dyed hair. These have properties that maintain the color of your hair, you will even find shampoos with dye that will add a touch of color.

Decrease the use of pincers

The iron and dryer are heat tools that can damage your hair, in addition, high temperatures make the color of your dye last less. Opt for corrugated or braced methods without pliers.

Do not use hot water

The hot water dries your hair and ends with the color of the dye. Choose to use cold water, in case it is getting very cold in your city, use warm.

Flee from the sun

Use capillaries. Choose those products that contain water in their base composition and not oil, because they are more effective for dyed hair.

Uses hair masks

Choose a mask or conditioner for dyed hair, these will maintain the color of your hair longer, while providing softness.


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