+50 Shoulder Length Haircuts 2019

Shoulder length haircuts 2019

Many women like comfort and therefore prefer to wear a half mane or a shorter hair, at shoulder height. The important thing is to feel comfortable and beautiful, so then we will show you the hair cuts in mid hair that you can choose for 2019.

As in previous opportunities we have commented, this season is a very broad fashion, and that is clearly reflected in the trends in hairstyles and cuts that cover a wide variety of styles, but this time we will focus mainly on medium hair they are gaining more ground in fashion.

Bob tousled

One of the styles that has been emerging as the undisputed candidate for the 2019 season is the disheveled Bob style, but with the variant that will not be so short, but will drop several inches more, achieving models like these.

It is also true that it is easier to comb, since the hair tends to undulate naturally if we let it dry in the open air. If you have very straight hair by nature, with an iron it is also very fast to achieve.

Taking advantage of the balayage highlights, with them you can give more light and play, and obviously you can see yourself radiant.

If you have very long hair and you are in search of a hairstyle that will help you to radically change your image, these medium hair can be an excellent option. They are comfortable cuts, easy to maintain and to comb.

Long Bob or LOB

Those who had short hair and are letting it grow, can adapt that cut to a long Bob. It looks very flattering with the stripe on the side, as it breaks down, and gives a lot of movement to the hair.

This line on the side achieves a very romantic image, if added to all this, some waves are added to the hair, you can achieve a very attractive look, ideal for the autumn and winter.

But there are also those who carry the long Bob with a line in the middle.

Many times a gentle undulation can be achieved to achieve a perfect style. It is simple, feminine, fresh and refreshing.

It does not matter if you are an adult girl or very young, all can be greatly benefited by this cut. Or very straight or slightly wavy, very stylized or slightly disheveled, all options look very nice.

With short bangs

A style for those who want to draw attention, with a very modern and urban cut, like this one. It is based on leaving an extremely short bangs, while the rest of the hair can reach the shoulders.

The styles are very varied, since they can play with the volume, the length, the color and the geometry of the cut. One of the most requested styles is to leave the area of the neck shorter, leaving the longer hair in the front, is one of the variants of the long Bob.

This type of bangs can be adopted in straight manes, in manes that are shorter in the nape of the neck to medium in the cheek and in manes that are worn very well.

Another option would be above the shoulders all at the same level, very straight and with a uniform bangs, also indicated that this is only an option for those with straight hair. It is not appropriate for curly hair.

Straight and straight

This season, as you may have noticed, turns out to be one of the most varied, since you can appreciate all kinds of styles in clothing, footwear, accessories as well as hair; but although the 2019 fashion proposes all kinds of styles in cuts, undoubtedly one of the most outstanding is the medium length, as it will be worn in all kinds of possible styles.

As you can see, this type of cuts is ideal to adopt both a casual style and a sophisticated and elegant, as it is a very polished cut. It can be used in almost all face shapes.

Then we leave you in photos several different proposals of straight and lacy hair, which can be an inspiration if you are looking to incorporate a look of this style.

With layers

Another style that imposes a tendency in this type of medium length manes, is the cut with many layers.

This style is one of the most versatile and modern, since it is favorable for almost all hair textures, plus it has the power to inject movement to the hair, which is ideal if you have very thin or thin hair.

Some styles like the Bob survive the seasons and they are still a trend, why? easy is to recognize that it is because it is a hairstyle that favors everyone and always goes well, especially for those who enjoy hair not too long and do not want a hairstyle difficult to maintain.

So if you are going to cut your hair and make a new look, you can choose it slightly long by reaching a hair with layers, and wear them with a disheveled effect.

If you are one of those who enjoy the comfort of a half mane, this season there are no excuses not to shine. The only thing that you must take into account to choose the cut that most suits you, is that it is compatible with the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. So those who wish may already choose the style that best suits them, to receive the new year with a vital and renewed image.

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