5 Tones of hair so cute that steal prominence to the ‘balayage’


During 2018 the balayage became the technique of dying the girls’ favorite hair, since, unlike the California wicks, the application is done by freehand, making the tones that go from the chestnut to the blond one give to the hair a more natural effect.

But while still in force, we also have to experiment with new colors that can give our hair a completely different style. These are five tones that can help you make a decision.


This mixture between white, gray and platinum manages to reflect light and a lot of shine in the hair. Of course, it is a tone that requires a lot of care, especially if your natural color is black. To have it you need to use a series of aggressive chemicals that weaken and break hair, so be careful.

Mauve chocolate

The union of brown and pink results in a brilliant and spectacular tone. In addition, it is ideal for girls with dark hair.


If you do not want a radical change to mistreat your hair, nude is the perfect choice. The style gives the hair a soft and very natural look.


The pink with the roots of the natural color of the hair is ideal for the daring girls who seek to give a different turn to their style. What are you waiting to try it?

Golden Ombre

If you do not want to change completely, then it’s time to clarify the fuses a bit. You just have to dye the root with a more golden color and the ends with a platinum blond tone to achieve a brighter effect.

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