Discover 5 hairstyles for curly hair

Discover 5 hairstyles for curly hair

Do you have curly hair and would like to try a new hairstyle? Find out in this article the 5 best hairstyles for curly hair and how to do them

Enhancing curly hair may seem difficult, especially for those with slightly rebellious hair and who strongly believe in the saying that “every curl is a whim”. Actually, hairstyles for curly hair are very easy to do, even on their own. That’s why we have prepared for entries 5 curly hair hairstyle ideas that you can use for a ceremony or even to add a touch of elegance to your look. The important thing, before proceeding with any hairstyle, is to untangle your curls well with special products, in order to make it easier to style them and above all to avoid frizz.

Hairstyles for curly and semi-collected hair

Hairstyles with collected curly hair are a classic of elegance, especially for brides or those invited to a ceremony. This doesn’t mean that some less elaborate variant can’t be used for the everyday look.

For those who want their hairstyle to be beautiful, but also comfortable, our advice is to collect the hair at the top of the neck, with the help of bobby pins and clips. The best hairstyles are able to create beautiful geometric shapes and designs with this type of hairstyle, but you too can achieve a beautiful effect at home by exploiting the unpredictability of the curls. You can also use accessories, such as pins and clothespins with decorations, to embellish the hairstyle even more.

Alternatively, you can try a semi-collected, very elegant and romantic. Gather only part of the hair with the same technique as before and then let the lower part loose, perhaps transforming the curls into ringlets with the help of a brush or a straightener. Our advice is to play with asymmetries. With side hairstyles, perhaps welcoming the hair at the top on the right side, and let the free locks fall on the left side: the effect will be much more refined.

Medium length curly hairstyles

Medium length curly hairstyles are very simple to make and are also suitable for a daytime or office look. One of the trendiest is to make a small braid starting from the temple and then leave the rest of the hair loose and curly. It is an extremely versatile and glamorous hairstyle for curly hair: you can try it both with a braid on one side only, and with two symmetrical braids.

Another idea to enhance medium-length curly hair is to style it in a bun. But forget the rigid ballerina look, without a hair out of place: the curly bun is free and a little messy, but for this very reason women like it so much. Alternatively, you can try with the low bun; technique is the same, but the hair will not be collected at the top of the neck but at the bottom.

Short curly hairstyles

Among the hairstyles for short curly hair, the most loved is the bob. The timeless bob, loved above all by the stars, is enhanced even more by curly and wavy hair. For a truly glamorous hairstyle we recommend an asymmetrical bob, with longer hair on one side and shorter on the other. Help yourself with a good volumizing foam, blow your hair upside down and you will have one of the simplest and most elegant curly hairstyles of the moment.


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