5 haircuts that make 50-year-old women look younger


You are 50 and over and you are looking for a haircut to revive your appearance and regain some youthfulness. Hair fashion offers a variety of equally beautiful and fresh cuts to highlight features and bring a touch of modernity. Soft, modular, easy to maintain, these hairstyles are simple, elegant and practical. How to choose a rejuvenating cut? What cuts are specially designed for women aged 50 to display a young and dynamic look? Follow the guide, we tell you everything.

5 tips for choosing a rejuvenating haircut

If you want to spice up your look, choosing a rejuvenating haircut is a rewarding process. With just a few swipes of the scissors, you can look younger with just a few years removed. But first of all, you must entrust your hair to a professional hairdresser. He will know how to choose the perfect cut that suits the shape of your face and the texture of your hair, and will advise you on trendy cuts that suit your age and personality. As a bonus, you will have a rejuvenating and elegant cut! Here are the professionals’ recommendations:

  • Avoid straight, straight hair and opt for waves instead for bouncy, voluminous hair.
  • Choose a haircut with bangs. This can camouflage forehead wrinkles and if you have straight hair, it will be perfect. Straight, blunt, tapered, full bangs….Opt for the one that suits the shape of your face. A blunt fringe will hide small wrinkles while an asymmetrical fringe will highlight your look.
  • Banish very long hair which often encourages you to style it in a bun. This type of hairstyle ages more. Opt for a short or mid-length cut.
  • Create a gradient to add volume, especially if you have fine hair. With age, hair loses density. The gradient not only preserves your length but also gives pep to your hairstyle. Result: you look younger. What else!
  • Opt for the bob because it is one of the rejuvenating cuts. Plunging square, blurred square, gradient square….just choose the one that goes with the shape of your face and your hair type.
  • Choose simple, natural cuts rather than fancy, complicated hairstyles that further emphasize the effects of age. For example, we take mid-length hair with a side parting. This hairstyle has it all! It creates volume and gives the illusion of thick hair. If you are part of the team of women with curly hair, try this rejuvenating hairstyle without delay.
  • Favor the short cut, and for this there is nothing better than the pixie cut, especially if you have fine hair. If the nature of your hair gives you complexes, use a volumizing wax, as explained by the experts at Salon Johann. Your hair gains density and movement. Braving the years is not that complicated, you just need to use the right tips!
  • Give a volume effect to your hair with balayage. A solid color can harden facial features. While a balayage gives a natural look, it is more in tune with the times and the facial features are more softened. We completely validate and head to the hair salon for a change of hair look that makes us feel good…
  • Choose an easy-care cut. Think about a rejuvenating cut, certainly, but one that fits your lifestyle. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to your hairstyle, it is advisable to choose a stylish cut that does not require much styling effort.

5 ideas for anti-aging cuts and hairstyles for women aged 50 and over

Have you reached fifty or more and want a new hairstyle to celebrate your fifth decade of life? Whether you are 50 or older, you are in the prime of your life. The main thing is to stay chic and elegant, refreshing your hairstyle to sport a modern and trendy look.

Asymmetrical Lob with Side Parting

If you don’t dare cut your hair too short, the asymmetrical bob will be your ally. For what ? For the simple reason that it gives you an ultra chic and elegant look. The hairstylist, Gina Rivera attests to this, and adds that cutting a little length adds movement to the hairstyle and gives a more youthful look. In addition, the side parting is ideal for creating volume on the crown of the head.

To sum up, a little daring is good for your hair and your morale. The red coloring adds pep to your look and brings out your lioness temperament. The asymmetrical mid-length bob is definitely the cut that gives you that little extra you need to stand out and look younger. If you are given 10 years younger, don’t be surprised!

Gradient Pixie Cut

Princess Diana knew how to make the pixie cut very flattering and short cuts are still in style. However, most women over 50 make the mistake of not choosing a revisited, more youthful pixie. If you already have a pixie cut, it is advisable to make it more modern to make your hairstyle look younger and more relaxed. Extra tip: A layered pixie adds volume and body to hair and reduces thinning hair on the top of the head. Tousle your pixie to add a touch of boldness and modernity to your look. Maintain your hair, make it shiny and add some fresh color, and you’ll have beautiful hair texture and a vibrant look that’s perfect for women 50 and older.

Mid-length layered hair and curtain bangs

For those who want to keep their gray hair and a certain length, this long layered bob with curtain bangs is a very good option. Hair expert Gina explains that layering on mid-length hair gives dimension and volume to hair. Plus, if you have nice, thick hair, layering it makes it lighter and therefore easier to style. The side curtain bangs are also interesting since they are versatile. It can be worn straight or curled and gives mystery to the look. In addition, it softens the features and frames the face in a flattering way. Finally, this cut has everything to please and above all to make you look younger.

Messy bob with bangs

The messy, textured bob adds the modern, refreshing touch you need. From dimension, volume and movement to the hair, that’s what this timeless cut promises. And if you spruce up your bob with bangs, whether straight, asymmetrical or curtain, it will upgrade your cut and make it more modern and trendy. The bob, short or long, is a versatile hairstyle. It can be worn inverted, blurred, layered, wavy, straight, disheveled, asymmetrical. But the must-have hairstyle to look fresher is the relaxed, fuzzy bob. With a tousled look, this cut becomes cool and it is no wonder that it remains a timeless and elegant cut.

Gradient bob with swoop bangs

We flash back to the 2000s and call it the swoop fringe which is reinventing itself to become more modern. On a short gradient bob, we love and approve! It is a side fringe that is longer than the straight fringe and allows you to hide your eyes and energize your face. The fringe is swept to the side, gives softness and balance to the features and it works with all face shapes for a rejuvenated and luminous appearance.

Choosing a haircut that makes you look younger can have a significant impact on your self-confidence if you are a woman aged 50 and over. The most important thing is to choose a style that brings out your personality and the best in you.


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