+45 Haircuts 2019 – Photos and Trends

Haircuts 2019

According to the runways of the Fashion Weeks, the leading hair professionals and celebrities, we can know what the new hair trends will be. We have seen what is to come in 2019 in terms of haircuts for all lengths and textures and we like what we see. This year is characterized by the adoption of natural textures, without complications, with cuts of different lengths, so that we can all choose the one that we like and favor the most.

It will be the year of style without effort. Low maintenance cuts, easy bangs and improved textures are the key concepts. We are also seeing long and relaxed styles, with lines in the middle, that are returning, after a long predominance of short hair. No matter which haircut suits your style best, it is sure to be low maintenance and celebrate your natural beauty, which makes this year very exciting.

Pixie short hair

Short hair is more fashionable than ever for several seasons, and pixie is one of the possibilities. But, it should be noted, that it will be used a little longer than previous years. Resurfacing trends that make it even more attractive.

In these images we suggest you pixies that are very relaxed, youthful and carefree, perfect to be fashionable and also so that the hair so prone to damage by inks or weather, is easier to maintain. What is going is a basic cut that can be worn slightly disheveled as in the upper or very short image as in the following image. It has a pronounced vintage style.

Long Pixie

The super short pixie cut is no longer as popular as in previous years. It started using a little longer, which allows you to add texture if you have wavy or curly hair or create an elegant and refined look if you have straight hair. Keep the front section of the bangs aside to achieve a more flattering face frame.

Bulky Pixie

This option welcomes volume and texture. It works incredibly well with curly hair. It can be air dried with a volumizing foam and finished with a texturizing spray.

Pixie + shaving

This is another trend we have seen in previous years, and it is still here. A section of the hair, either laterally or at the nape, is shaved, achieving a very chic style.

Bob cut

We are talking about a minimalist style that allows you, in the morning, to wash your face and go to work or study. It does not cut with too many layers, and it works very well for fine hair. Some women are wearing it at the height of their ears, but you can always opt for the classic long chin. For a more modernist look, it is advised that you wear it with a hairstyle to the middle.

This cut is undoubtedly one of the most popular of all time, and you can choose several lengths, from very short to medium cut. This cut should not be used longer than the shoulders. It is an elegant style that can accentuate your facial structure or highlight a long and beautiful neck. And it is suitable for both straight and wavy hair.

It can be seen on all the catwalks of the best designers and attracts the attention of hairdressers around the world.

The style Bob is very popular among the famous ones, since it grants a touch of elegance and a very youthful aspect. It frames the face favoring its fine and feminine features. Both smooth or with waves, also offers the possibility of wearing several hairstyles.

Half mane Lob

As expected, the lob, another of the most popular cuts of all time, is no longer used, and we understand, maybe your time has passed. However, many women still love their perfect length. You can give it a more modern touch, trying to make it look very natural and healthy, and adding long layers to get more volume and shape.

Long hair

Long ago, long hair is popular and will continue to be. You can see a new boom in girls who use it with a line in the middle. The bangs will also continue to be worn with long hair.

Long with waves

Texture, layers and waves as natural as possible are one of the most chic haircuts for this 2019.

Loose, wavy and bright. Currently it is one of the strongest styles. Long, healthy hair, with a lot of shine and curls, is perfect for ceremonies as well as for casual occasions.

It offers the advantage of keeping hair irons and irons at bay, unless it is only necessary to give a small touch-up.

Long and straight hair

The classic straight hair, with stripe in the middle, is a classic that is back.

The trends for hairstyles and haircuts 2019 mark a great inclination towards the natural appearance of hair. While the bright and eye-catching colors still have a large number of followers, 2019 is a perfect year to be natural.


Layered cuts are very popular. There are a lot of proposals that give a look of perfect and refined finish. We can try our luck with these glamorous styles.

The hair achieves a touch of distinction with this type of graduation, which gives the mane of mobility and a much more natural look. The essential thing in this type of cuts, is to choose the appropriate style and length to fit the shape of the face.

Hair can use some products for modeling the hair, so that it takes the volume and movement desired. For the hair look perfect, it is advisable to use oils so that the shine is the protagonist.

Shaggy cuts

This cut, very dismechado, began its peak throughout 2017, and its popularity is increasing. By the way, it is not new at all, but it is adopting the natural texture and easy style that prevails today. You can apply this technique of desmechado in several lengths of hair.

One of the most popular options, the blunt shag, begins to create a blunt at the height of the chin. With or without bangs, it’s about getting volume with texturizing sprays. This style is perfect for bob lovers who want to try something new.

Shaggy bangs

The shaggy bangs or blunt are in full swing, due to its low maintenance and youthful air that gives girls. We are seeing many bangs that have less thickness in the central part. This makes them much more comfortable and easier to maintain than full or straight bangs.

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