40 Hairstyles for long hair 2019

Hairstyles for long hair 2019

Hair 2019. Long hairstyles of summer. From the hair gathered to the braids, but not only. Let’s see the new hairstyles of 2019.

When we talk about hairstyles we are led to think only of chignon, braids, hair, but no: hair styling also means simply going to the hairdresser to do styling or thinking about it at home with irons, curlers and plates .

Today we want to talk (and show you the pictures) of the new hairstyles for the most popular long hair of the moment, from the simple ones to the more elaborate ones, for long loose hair and to bring the collected hair.

From the images you will see, you will realize that some of the most beautiful hairstyles are those inspired by vintage, timeless, revisited by the hairstylist.

This is the hair fashion of the moment, which leaves you free to choose between a loose and moved a harvest simple or elaborate, not to mention the semi-picking (which always like) and braided hair.

Hairstyles 2019 long hair: the braids

There are many new hairstyles with braids, to show off immediately and to keep ready for the summer: from the simplest, to the side braid, to the collection on the nape to the braids we have enough proposals to choose how to wear the hair with braids for the entire 2019. See for example this beautiful hairstyle on pink hair inspired 80s created by Toni & Guy.

Among the 2019 braid and tail hairstyles will be very fashionable for the summer. This is quite easy to do at home: you have to create a French braid (inner braid) only with the central locks, from the forehead to the top of the head, and then collect all the hair in a high tail.

Very particular is this low tail with braided spiral hair. Realizing it is not easy, here you need the help of an expert hand!

If instead you have long and full-bodied hair (or extensions), know that the combed hair “pulled” with the line in the middle and a simple braid that starts from the nape come back into fashion. To keep it tidy, tighten the strands with a rubber band not only at the bottom of the braid but also at the beginning.

More suitable for an elegant or formal dress is this soft hairstyle with braided hair in the center up to the nape of the neck: this is how to create a low braid ponytail with a deliberately “casual” effect.

The side braid for the summer is worn instead on the loose hair: it must be rather thin and you can make it start from the center or from the side line and continue along the length, as to form a headband that holds the locks in front of the face.

Very summer is the hairstyle with braid and scarf that with little skill you can make alone: in practice you “replace” one of the three locks with a ribbon or a thin bandana that you can fix with a hairpin or even pass on the forehead to complete the retro effect.

Among the hairstyles 2019 do not miss the braids collected, some of which are just easy to do in the morning before leaving home: here you have to do is create a normal braid and then “overturn” up and fix it with hairpins, leaving the tips free for a natural effect.

Collected hairstles 2019

Low and tall hairbands, twisted hair, banana hairstyles are the trendy hair ideas of 2019. The style focuses mainly on the refined but suggests some particularly elaborate combing for special occasions.

The soft low bun with loose locks in front never goes out of style. We see it here in this simple but very elegant hairstyle, ideal for special occasions and also for brides. It requires a tenacious fixing and the hand of a hairdresser.

Sam McKnight was created for the Fendi Summer 2019 collection these tall chignons with spiral curled locks. To avoid the “easter egg” effect, leave some curls free to frame your face, otherwise it is very easy to reproduce this hairstyle!

The team of Aldo Coppola has focused on curly hairstyles collected from which you can take a cue especially if you have a natural blur. As you can see, the idea is to leave a slightly “wild” but very feminine appearance, softly rolling small strands to be fixed with hairpins all around the head.

The tall hairstyles that combine the hair stranded back with a messy chignon are wasted. They lend themselves well to both a day at the office and a social occasion. Look at this with the hair twisted backwards on the nape, which goes back to a spiral braided bun.

The low knot bun is the perfect hairstyle to look neat and elegant on every occasion. It works best if you have strong, thick hair and must be long enough to be able to tie them literally as you would with a bow. Then fix with some hidden hairpin and be ready to repeat the operation on the fly if the bun should come loose.

The vintage style and the fluffy hair instead distinguish this banana crop created on hair colored by Guido Palau. You have to cotton the tuft before bringing it back, then roll the strands along a vertical line and fix them with clothespins (and a spray of lacquer).

The top knot messy remains the most versatile and easy to make long hair hairstyle for this year. It is a matter of softly rolling the locks on top of the head, using a rubber band that remains hidden. For those who have sun strokes and shades of color, this collection combing allows you to enhance the different shades.

Long hairstyles 2019. Tails and seeds collected

High or low tails and semi-curly hair with a line in the middle are not new, but stand out among the trends simple hairstyles 2019. The difference will be the accessories, but also the style with which to play the smooth or natural blur in base also at the length of the hair.

The long and tall tail is usually suitable for those with a very young face, but part of the result also depends on makeup (and personality). For example, Jessica Chastain at the Golden Globe 2019 showed that she can show off a ponytail after 40 years.

On the other hand, the beach waves characterize these semi-curly hair created by Sam McKnight to accompany the spring-summer 2019 collection by Chanel. Naturally, the double C clip makes the difference.

The choice of a hairstyle with the tail must also get along with the amount of hair that you have in mind: for example to make this soft ponytail and with wavy hair you need a thick hair and a strong hair: those who have thin and tending to the “plate” will hardly be able to achieve this effect.

Those who look for semi-accepted hairstyles for the wedding and want an elaborate hairstyle with braids can be inspired by new bride tendencies like this one. It belongs to all that “Viking” vein of inspiration that for some years has taken hold on the wave of suggestions coming from cinema, comics and videogames, and must certainly be realized by an expert.

A very simple way to keep the most unruly curly hair at bay is to create a “double” tail with two elastic bands, one on the back of the head and one in the middle. A very young and a little ’90s hairstyle.

Hairstyles 2019: long loose hair

The wavy hair, the curly heads, the curls and the hairstyles with a wet effect but still moved, with a natural or retro style, will accompany us for the spring summer 2019. Starting from this simple wave fold made special by the clips that fix the side tuft .

One of the strongest trends of the summer will be the loose hair with micro-stripes. Here you can see a decorated with metal rings (you can find similar things online or in specialized shops) and in this case accompanied by a small tall chignon.

Among the trends to comb without tying the strands, long hair unkempt (rubbing with the foam) or worn to the side with waves created with the plate, here illuminated by lightening on the tips.

The soft waves, the color really particular, but above all the shiny hair characterize this long hairstyle. To achieve this effect the Olaplex treatments were used. The soft and wide waves can be realized only with the plate or with a really wise use of round brush and hairdryer.

The natural bush does not require great skill, but for the beautiful season you will see clearly curly man-made curls: the curl made with iron returns, even exaggerating the “tube” effect for an unusual styling.

And finally, I look at the color treatments: balayage, ombre, colored hair or with pink shades will give light to the long hairstyles 2019. Just to get an idea, look how wonderful the shades of this hair starting from an intense coppery and they descend to blond. Without a doubt, the waves enhance this choice of colors and make it shine!


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