35+ Short Haircuts 2019 – Trends and Images

Short haircuts 2019

Short haircuts are still very popular, because they have the ability to illuminate and favor the characteristics of our face. Short hair undoubtedly works wonders and adds a lot of style and personality to our look.

It allows us to play a lot with our hair, because with the help of various hairdressing products we can create multiple hairstyles day by day. In addition, they are perfect for those looking for something modern and easy, since they do not need much maintenance and always look spectacular.

Short Pixie

The cuts pixie style are some of the most outstanding, giving us a sexy image, feminine and sweet at the same time.

In general, there are many women who do not dare to go for such a short style, either because of the great change that implies or because of the mistaken idea that it is a masculine cut. Day by day the feminine that they can become is shown even more, since it accentuates the most refined and delicate characteristics of our face.

You can wear it with “disheveled” effect or also wear it very stylized, you decide what trend to wear. Whatever style you choose, this cut refreshes your image, is practical, and always looks very modern.

Long Pixie

It is noticing a tendency in boom of the pixies longer than those we were seeing in previous seasons. This has the advantage that it looks good on both a young girl and an adult woman.

With its slanted locks and slightly rebellious appearance, it can be very youthful.

Pixie with curls

The pixie also fuses with another trend: curly hair. If your hair is naturally curly you can take advantage of this trend, otherwise, there are many tools and hairdressing products to obtain a curly texture, for example, an iron, a curling iron or hot rollers. Also, products that help maintain them and add volume.

Some, like the pixie style of the image above, takes advantage of unkempt locks that give it a flirtatious and very casual, but also elegant and current.

Shaved Pixie

If you wear a pixie cut, you can take into account the possibility of shaving an area of the head. This is still a trend, and the variants are many, for example, those we show you in the images below.


While many are not encouraged, more and more women choose short hair when it comes to renewing, as it is not only fashionable and adds a lot of style, but it is also low maintenance and easy to carry. With bangs and a half neck, it constitutes, within the short hair, one of the most recommended proposals for girls who still do not dare to make a radical change. That’s why Bob is an excellent way to try short hair, even once in a lifetime.

Very stylized and brushing with the average hair, is a cut that is not quite short but neither is long, and has that irresistible chic that we like all. Short hair allows us to take advantage of a stylized neck, for example, and also allows us to show the sexy tattoos that many women wear on the neck or the highest part of the back.

If you wear it with bangs, you can take it to one side, slightly tilted, on the front “curtain” style and on the slightly brow past. There are many flirtatious ways to wear a Bob with bangs.

One of the favorite styles is the one of average length, until the shoulders, since it is a sure way to take the short hair and to be very sensual, feminine and coquette.

A carefree Bob, among many other styles, looks fabulous.


The layers in the short hair, are presented in a large number of variants, all modern and stylish; ideal for girls looking for a new style that gives them confidence, sophistication and good taste. The layers also add a lot of movement and volume.

It is an easy way to maintain the hairstyle because it does not need much care. Although this does not mean that we leave it to its fate. In these images we show you some beautiful styles that will come in handy to change the look.

The layers give a modern and fresh touch, that’s why they are the perfect solution when you are looking for short hair with style. They are used in both Bobs and Pixies.

Shaved or shaggy

The short haircuts very paraded, which are known as shaggy, can be worn with a disheveled effect that is very fashionable. They favor the great majority of faces, with the strong point of rejuvenation of the appearance, giving a casual and natural image.

Styles that use very defined strands on the forehead that require a fixative and that look very attractive, are ideal for young girls. You can always change the look by combing the front part in one way or another.

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