30 Hairstyles you should try, at least once, if you’re a girl with curly hair

Girl with curly hair

Whether you have come here because your hair is Chinese and you need ideas to comb it or because you simply love how curls look, one thing is for sure: wavy hair is beautiful! It seems to be endowed with personality (AND LIFE!) Of its own.

While having Chinese hair can be a fortune, we know that combing it can give you real headaches. Do not complicate it anymore! These ideas of hairstyles to tame your curly hair will be very helpful. Also, you will look very cute.

If you do not have time, pigtails will always be a good option

A high ponytail will give you a nice fall

And on the side they look fantastic

A tousled chignon can work very well for parties

A simple flower makes a difference

Or a whole crown to see you bohemian

The hippie will never go out of style

If you want to let it be, a side game will give you a great look

If you have a lot of hair you can make yourself a little chongo

And decorate it with accessories

Use them creatively

They emphasize a simple hairstyle

Even in the case of simple hairpins

In addition to looking very good, the bandanas help you keep your hair in place

They can serve you in case you do not have headbands

Make yourself some Sailor Moon type chonguitos

Or a hairstyle that would make Princess Leia proud

The braids will give you an angelic touch

Do not be afraid to decorate them with ribbons

You must try this crown of braids!

Leaving half the hair loose will give you a hip hop look

There is no limit to the amount of braids you can wear

Use pigtails to look tender

Let no one tell you that a big chongo looks bad

If you are very fanned, experiment with some dreadlocks

But if you do not feel up to it, first make the attempt with braids in all the hair

Do not be afraid to cut your hair, it looks great!

Have fun and experiment with styles!

Use all the accessories you want

Although leaving it natural will always be a good idea too


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