+30 Haircuts for round face 2019

Haircuts for round face

If you have a round face, your final goal will probably always be to hide your cheeks. This does not leave you many options to experiment with different styles. Also, we know that your round face makes you look like a little girl when you want to see yourself as a sexy lady. However there are many styles that could help you, and we will show you below.

Let’s see some simple tips you can follow to choose cuts and hairstyles that complement your face perfectly.

But first, how can you determine if you have this kind of face? You have a round face if:

  • Your forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are almost the same width.
  • The width and length of your face are approximately equal.
  • You have soft features and you do not have sharp angles in your face.

Pixie with side bangs

A pixie with long layers that extend over the forehead, sides and a pair of layers on the back of the head draw attention to the forehead, which makes the face look thinner. The multiple layers enhance the eyes and cheekbones.

You should try to keep the upper layers with volume, helping you with hair fixative.

The longer bangs helps create an illusion of length by reducing the apparent overall width of the face, making it look thinner.

Pixie fauxhawk

As we explained before, the best haircut for round face is one that adds height because it has an elongation effect. Ginnifer Goodwin’s fauxhawk does just that. A pixie style transformed into a fauxhawk with just a little gel lengthens the face.

Short bob with side bangs

The short bob is a classic, but you should stay away from the classic version because it accentuates the roundness of the face. But the classic bob is not the only type that exists. You can choose bobs with layers that go over the chin, while the back layers stay shorter. The lines of the side bangs balance the curves of the face and make it thinner.

Shaggy bob

Jennifer Lawrence is, without a doubt, one of the people you can consider to be inspired by cuts for round faces. With this disheveled Bob you lengthen your face.

With a tousled wave style and a lateral stripe, this style works wonders to compensate for the structure of a round face.

Long Bob

In long bob hair it adds length to your face, while the side bangs add angles that counteract its roundness.

Half hair with waves

This cut and hairstyle brings volume to the crown of the head. The bangs that moves at an angle on the forehead breaks very well the curves of the face, giving length to the face. If you are looking for a mid shoulder cut, this is very appropriate.

Kelly Osbourne has opted for a wavy style with a lot of volume that hides a large part of her cheeks. With a line in the middle, the waves fall perfectly on their cheekbones, hiding their roundness.

Long hair with bangs open

A bangs combed with a line in the middle, which falls on the cheeks, hides the width of the face and makes it look less round.

Opt for this hairstyle when you are looking for a casual and effortless hairstyle.

Long straight hair

Mila Kunis has a perfectly round face. This cut frames the face without adding much volume. Since a round face lacks length, the option to wear long hair in an elegant and straight way is a great idea. Tricks the eye creating the illusion of length. This cut is also ideal for fine textured hair because it adds movement and you can add volume to the crown easily with a lightweight card and fixer.

Long hair in layers

This is another option, but there is one thing you should keep in mind. Whether you have straight or curly hair, make sure the layers do not end up on the chin, as this will widen the face. The layers that go over the chin give the face a more oval shape and, therefore, help create an illusion of smaller width.

Try cutting hair in triangular layers. Layered in the back and bottom of your hair is another good option.

Long hair with side bangs

Avoid short bangs. One side and long will look great and will adapt very well to thin or thick hair.

Curly hair in layers

Soft curls, on the other hand, look great on a round face, as long as the hair length is below the chin line. Curly hair is not advised to wear it very short, as it adds width to the face.

You can add a bangs that begins below the earlobe. The layers should start where the bangs ends.


  • Your main focus should be to add length to your face. Therefore, cuts that add volume to the top of the head are excellent allies to add height.
  • Long, layered hair draws attention down and makes your round face look longer.
  • If you want a curly look, choose loose curls. Tight curls will only increase the width and roundness of your face.
  • Avoid the ponytails, as they will bring all the hair back, accentuating its roundness.
  • Avoid straight bangs, as they will accentuate the roundness of the face. Choose a bangs on one side, as it will add some much-needed angles to your face and make it look thinner.
  • If you choose a short haircut, add volume to the crown of the head so that your face looks longer than it really is.
  • Do not cut hair lengths to the chin with rounded edges, as they will make your face appear wider than normal.
  • Always choose a hairstyle that makes your face look longer.

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