25 Women who said goodbye to the dye to show off their natural gray hair

Natural gray hair

The gray hair is not always synonymous with old age and can leave by stress, deficiency of certain nutrients, inheritance, et cetera. There are people who come from young and even have since birth. It is not something that you have to be ashamed of, even if you were out of age. It’s just a different color of hair!

The account of Instagram grombre seeks that women feel comfortable with their silver hair and leave aside the stereotypes of beauty that they have been taught, to embrace themselves and love themselves as they are:

Going gray is not for all women and it’s fine, it should not even be considered a trend. It is enough to compare ourselves with fashion magazines, we must love ourselves. This is about our life and how we choose to live it.

The important thing is to be yourself

Many people told me that I should dye my hair before I get married because I would regret looking old. But I could not be happier because I was HIMSELF on my wedding day.

Gray hair can give you a unique touch

Every day I feel grateful for my hair because it makes me unique and, besides, I do not have to give it so much maintenance. My first hairline came out at 17 and it was until I was 30 that I decided to stop dyeing it. The only thing I did was to discolor the ends so that the change was gradual.

If it makes you happy, it’s fine

I travel a lot, so I have received many opinions from different cultures. Some have liked it while others confuse it; Anyway, it makes me smile. We must stop polluting our body with chemicals and be naturally us.

Feel sure of who you are

I was not always brave enough to show my hair in public, but I had to find strength. I must say that I am happy that it changed and for the better. I feel more balanced and sure of myself.

An example of self-love

I stopped painting my hair in 2010 after my son was born with a cleft lip. It would not be coherent to say that it is perfect if I try to hide who I am.

No silver mane is the same, but all are special

There is not a single day where they do not stop me on the street to give me a compliment. Above all women tell me: ‘your gray hair is very nice, if mine grew so maybe I would have the courage to leave it natural’. My answer is always the same: ‘each silver sister has her own patterns and they are all amazing’.

Do it when you’re ready

My husband had been encouraging me for years to grow my gray hair, but I was not ready. It was until recently that I saw on Instagram that I was not alone and many women went through the process of feeling embarrassed until they ended up loving their hair.

Look for inspiration!

I’ve been wanting to leave my gray hair for years. I watched Pinterest and YouTube to cheer me up. I dyed my hair every two or three weeks, but after three days I had gray hair again. The process was difficult, it is a mental game.

Connect with your roots, literally

I am 22 years old and from the age of 12 they started to grow gray. During almost all my school years I dyed my hair because I felt embarrassed. But for the last two years I have let the gray invade me and it has been the best decision of my life. It has given me the feeling of connection with myself and has made me love this with what I was born.

Do not be hard on yourself

Let us be less critical and more ourselves. I have not painted my hair for 13 months and I love him more and more each day.

Just listen to the kind words

A man recently referred to my hair as ‘skunk hair’. That bothered me because it has taken me a long time to love me the way I am. That same afternoon a friend sent me a message that said: ‘you are beautiful and you are perfect’.

Let the silver invade you

I had gray hair as a teenager and I started to dye my hair at 16. Now I have 14 months without painting and I am happy to have made this decision. I’m excited to finally see my natural color.

Beauty comes in many forms

I want to challenge the stereotypes of what we call ‘beautiful’, and show that we have more important things that really deserve our time, energy and resources.

The only opinion that counts is yours

I’m sorry, I can not hear your insults because the volume of my gray hair covers my ears. One must turn up the volume so as not to listen to the expectations and opinions of others. Love who you are

The only thing that will change, besides your hair, is your confidence

In my 10 months of not painting my beautiful silver hair I can say that I feel more confident and sure of who I am.

Your hair is your identity

I feel more secure since I let gray hair take hold of me. Some time ago I dyed my hair and immediately regretted it, I felt like I was getting rid of my identity. I’m learning to deal with this new texture, but I love looking in the mirror.

The gray hair of a survivor

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. The chemotherapy caused my hair to fall out and when I grew up it came out gray. But I receive compliments all the time.

Do not hide behind the dye

I decided it was enough to hide behind the dye. I am proud of myself for giving this terrifying leap and embracing the process. It has been fun, exciting and liberating. More than I thought.

Age is just a number

I have been told that I would look younger if I painted my hair and, because I am a late mother, I feel old when compared to the mothers of my son’s classmates. I painted it several times, but I understood that looking good does not necessarily mean looking young.

Gray means strength

Many people have told me that I am too young to have ‘salt and pepper’ hair. At first those words surprised me, but later they gave me more strength to leave my gray hair. ‘Gray’ does not mean old or disheveled or that I have left. The silver is strong and is sexy.

Draw strength from your hair!

Letting my hair grow gray has changed my life. I have a different perspective on what it means to grow old and life in general. The process showed me the willpower I did not know I had. The road has empowered me. I love my hair and I love myself!

The sooner you accept yourself, the better

I was born with only one white hair and by the time I was a teenager I had gray hair in front and a little behind. I dyed it until I turned 40 and then I got tired of it. I felt freer to be myself. The only thing I regret is having waited so long.

Acceptance is the basis of trust

I hope women continue to do this, it is encouraging to see how we accept ourselves as we are.

The only thing that changes is the exterior, but the interior remains the same

Leaving my gray hair was a big change for me. It was like learning who he was again. Now I know I’m the same, just changed the frame.

Each one decides on her own hair

This year I had great conversations with women, men and children (including mine). Sometimes it’s weird but it’s always an opportunity to talk about beauty and trust. This is not something that ALL women have to do, it depends on what each one wants.


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