+25 White hair: cuts, dyes and charming hairstyles

White hair

White hair, 25 fascinating ways to wear white hair according to the fashion of the year.

Leaving white hair without a dye is a matter of style, dyeing white hair is a fashion trend that has been popular for a few years. Over time the new white dyes have turned into platinum hair (see Lady Gaga at the Oscars) becoming part of the new shades of blond, the great protagonist of the 2019 hair colors. But the border between platinum and white is sometimes very thin, as you’ll see in the images below.

Now, if you want to maintain or dye your hair white, there are some things you need to take into consideration and we will talk about them: among these, the right makeup or how to keep the hair white. But first you have to choose a cut and shade to follow this hair trend that also appeals to men and boys. Meanwhile, look at the new photos we have chosen for you, you will find short cuts, medium and long hair from which to draw ideas for a new color to bet on.

Fashion white hair color

The white hair is no longer just monochromatic: it illuminates with shades like in this short cut scaled with the tuft on the side. Here there are light nuances of lilac on a platinum base: they give movement and bring out the light eyes.

They give to those who have a young face as well as those with naturally white hair: they are all platinum-white colors on the pixie cut cuts that are back in fashion, to be combed in different styles depending on the personality.

Punk-chic inspiration for this cut with a very short irregular bangs proposed by Toni & Guy salons. Here also the eyebrows are bleached and dyed in the same shade, a courageous choice but of sure effect.

All the platinum blonde hues in contrast with the black eyebrows that are very popular on Instagram are very strong. Kim Kardashian brought them as early as 2017, but to show off white hair in this way you need to have thick and healthy hair and radiant skin.

Another shade of white color that is very popular is this very scenographic white: here the wavy hair amplifies the doll effect, so it is above all the swollen and slightly artificial styling (always without exaggeration) to enhance the color.

The whites become shiny and shiny on the straight hair pulled with the plate, especially on medium-long cuts like this bob with a strip in the middle where the light follows the whole line of the head creating a very nice look.

The carre cuts with full bangs like this created by Toni & Guy London’s hairdressers make it very well with an ice coloring, a solution that is fine if you have lots of hair, easier to keep in order.

Among the 2019 white hair trends there are also long hair with very light blond shades, but still warmer than the cold tone of the platinum hair.

An idea full of charm: long smooth hair with a shade of white that deliberately reveals the dark root generates volume and makes the hair appear fuller.

There is no lack of ideas with sharp contrasts made with colored tints as in this Redken proposal: here the blue colored root is gradually faded towards the white tips.

It removes the yellow from Kemon Italia’s head, and does so with its excellent natural products to dye your hair without regrets. Here a point of fascinating white that gives to all ages (in this case associated with very dark and marked eyebrows).

Moving from a base of dark brown to white or platinum hair when you are young is a real transformation, but sometimes the effect is surprising. Of course, the cut also plays its part: this disheveled bob with a side stripe softens the features and “refreshes” the style.

Those who want to keep their white hair can focus on all the new short cuts like this smooth hairstyle scaled with a bangs ideal for fine hair and to rejuvenate the face with a trendy look. To maintain the cut as the hairdresser needs light and quality fixing products.

Among the most elegant hairstyles for ladies and girls there is this smooth short on a total white color proposed by the salons of Maniatis Paris. Not easy to manage at home, it is really sophisticated both for a special occasion and for going to the office in the morning.

A valid alternative to all-white hair is this proposal that comes from the French salons of Davines: here the contrast is between dark hair at the root and platinum hair on the tips, while the cut with the frayed bangs rejuvenates the face and gives a more jaunty air

But you can also dare the game of shades all clear: for example this white head with a shade of blond in the center was obtained with the dyes of Redken. Ideal to give a more fresh touch to a mature face.

And finally, to give volume and movement to a fine white hair, a very scaled and wavy cut is always versatile. Here the coloring is particular, because the locks end with some touch of surprising hot blond balayage.

Makeup for white hair

How should you make up if you have white hair? The factors to be taken into account are many: age, complexion, type of white (natural, dyed, with warm or cold shades …), the color of the eyes and eyebrows. We see some tips in general.

White hair: make up face

With a platinum or ice head, the most important thing is the skin: so clear hair is a kind of reflector that illuminates the face, but it also “exposes” it a lot: a uniform and natural foundation, not too dark, and a touch light blush (pink or orange, depending on whether you have light or amber skin) are the perfect combination.


On the color of the eyebrows the schools of thought are very different. Surely it is “admitted” to preserve your natural color, maintaining a shape that is not too thin.

But you can also choose to make up eyebrows in a marked way, with a rather dark tone and a thick stroke (but it takes a certain personality to show them off and a certain skill to put make-up on).

Conversely, you can ask to bleach them and dye them in the same color as the hair, or even a bright and contrasting color. Always keep in mind the color of your skin and iris.


One of the safest systems, let’s say infallible, to wear make-up when your hair is white is definitely the simple black mascara. Long natural lashes or fake eyelashes applied, highlighted with rimmel, guarantee a magnetic look without hindering the shades of the hair.


Metallic and mineral eyeshadows go well with white hair. However, they are not recommended if you have a lot of wrinkles on your eyelids, because they risk highlighting them. The dark eye shadow should be managed sparingly to avoid the “mask” effect. Better to bet on pale shades that follow the tones of your complexion.

Eye liner

As for mascara, a make-up with only the eye liner or the black kajal is fine with white hair. A thin line or a discreet cat-eye is enough, always to avoid the carnival aspect and on the contrary to appear sophisticated and taken care of.


If you don’t want to make a mistake, the shades of pink and peach blend with virtually all shades of white and platinum. Even a simple neutral lip gloss goes just fine.

If you can be elegant but without going unnoticed, a bright red lipstick is absolutely adequate, whatever your age.

Those who love an aggressive style can experience dark colors in the plum range, but be careful not to “turn off” the brightness of the color and complexion.

How to enhance and maintain white hair

White can be a color that is a bit difficult to wear: first of all it is very important to fight greasy hair, because with total white the shabby effect is really guaranteed.

If you have natural gray hair, you will find that it may be necessary to make a cool shade to prevent yellowing and manage the tendency to thick, frizzy hair with the help of the plate. Conversely, if your white hair is thin and the hair is not very thick, you will have to play on the volume with fixing products that do not weigh down.

If instead your white is the result of the hairdresser’s work, the key thing is to keep it shiny with regular nourishing and polishing treatments, in the salon or at home (be advised on the most suitable products, from those based on keratin to those with linseed oil) .

To fix the fold, the pixie-like shorts are very well managed with the wax that allows you to create volume and give direction to the tuft or untidy locks. It also applies if you have a short blur. For medium and long cuts, better an oil in cream or a modeling spray.


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